Schizo Fun Addict / The Bordellos – KASSETTE

Artists: Schizo Fun Addict / The Bordellos
keywords: alternative, Manchester, UK, US, indie, rock, lofi, psychedelic, punk, punk rock, shoegaze,
label: Small Bear

Schizo Fun Addict is putting themselves in the hot flames of the fire to bring you only the hottest works. They play as if they are dancing around on the hot coal and their instruments are turning to ass while they play. This is not the music for sitting relaxed in a sauna; this is the stuff the devil uses to stoke up the Heath.

Schizo Fun Addict sounds like they had met that horned figure and instead of signing some kind of contract they seemingly stared deep down in the beast’s eye and became good and respectful friends afterwards. They play so passionately that the energy beats around them like a protective aura that will most definitely burn any intruders.

The fun thing with Schizo Fun Addict is that even though they play so flamingly hot, loud and flammable, there is something friendly to it. It’s not the destructive kind of fire, but more the one of stimulation that seems to be ridden like an out of control bull on a highway to hell; it’s fun!

But don’t think its nonstop running with your ass on a hot plate, Schizo Fun Addict also brings strong quality moments that are like angels descending down to earth. Pretty piano and sweet in arming guitar works, devoted and dedicated sincere sounding vocalists singing their throats out in a crystal clear and sentimental way… Seriously, it will leave you into tears! They certainly deliver their part on this album with their hearts hanging out of their sleeves & that’s why it is sounding so real like pure soul food.

After eleven tracks of the excellent sounding Schizo Fun Addict from the US it’s really nice to see that there is more to hear! This is the part that the UK band The Bordellos come in! We have covered then quite a few times and they are ‘hot’ so to speak. Yet their sound isn’t like they are on fire, but more as if they are the ones who brought sausages, marshmallows and sticks to the fire party for everyone to feel at home and be cozy.
Together around the fire they play upon your human senses, everything sounds very authentic as they sound as they simply mean every word and every stroke done on their fuzzy guitar. It’s an emotional side of the Bordellos that speaks after mid night rock n roll, love and drinking games.
It’s music that will get your toes wobbling and your heart sobbing; it’s the music that feels like that friend you never had, but always wanted.

The sincerity and laid backness with an energetic doped up highness to it really makes you feel like you are there with the Bordellos. Sitting close while they play their hearts out for you to nod away with and acknowledge. This is about feelings and if you aren’t a cold psychopath you’d probably feel it hitting you at your most vital places.

It’s not all sentimental works of sweet fuzziness, there are also tracks that speaks to the dancing rocking body moves; music as raw and grand rock n roll music that isn’t afraid of a flute, mouth harmonica or a bit of nasty distortion! It’s good stuff with enough humor inside to lift the spirits from even the most wasted; try to resist ‘king of the bedroom’! Instant hip swinging in a ridiculous way!

All in all this split by these two different bands are like getting two excellent albums in one. They have one thing in coming; sincerity. These people are not just making music, they seem to live it! Check it out over here:

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