miss cutter – La mort.

Artist: miss cutter
title: La mort.
keywords: acoustic, experimental, lo-fi, noise, outsider, Buenos Aires

Miss Cutter crafted a release from all bits and pieces. The results are tracks that are pretty much worth your time as they surely have a great impact on whatever you had been doing. It might be coming at you lightly, but this is not a bunch of experimental fluff; there are actual tracks on here which might surprise you as its material to think about.

The track ‘toy guns’ for example. Dressed among other tracks made out of modem sounds, internet dial up sounds and audio snippets that have quite a enjoyable feel to it, this track is a bit like a slap in the face. At first I felt it was funny, hearing lots of toying around with guns and a upset girl talking about shots getting fired, until I realized that this was all sampled material from news footage of another nutcase shooting up its ammo in a school. The track ends with the more shocking view of the media or adult reactors who said that society is just going to be more violent and that this is just the way it is going to go… Pretty insane and disturbing such views and pretty much highlighted within this controversial experimental work by looping and transforming it into an absurd critical master piece.

Another work that was worth to mention is the one in which Miss Cutter uses the words from an upset Aileen Wuornos who is being interviewed before society would end her life. It’s strange but somehow the case of Aileen is one of great interest; even though she might have killed, shouldn’t she have deserved mental help from society after experiencing rape and (probably) experiencing psychological problems? Somehow I don’t think she didn’t deserve the death penalty and hearing her words; I don’t think she thinks either. Miss Cutter cuts and paste these passionate words with nice effects into an impressive impacting sound production; almost as if Aileen curses the asses of society to be nuked in a much more powerful way!

In general the release has a psychedelic twist to it, placing its cut and pared sounds in such a way that they are there to be intrigued about. The main theme (with the modem sounds and all) seems to be that of the idea that the internet is being bad. Probably because it’s full of information that without it seems light years away! In any case for sentimental reasons these dial up sounds are a must hear, and these interesting ‘stuff to think about’ works are good to hear and share; you’ll might even get some conversations started. The release can be found at the following link:


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