Vitas – Седьмой элемент / The 7th Element

1Artist: Vitas
title: Седьмой элемент / The 7th Element
keywords: Operatic pop, techno, new-age, vocal music, classical, pop, easy listening, chillout, synthpop
words by: Willem van O.

Something happened… My ears and eyes finally (after zillions of people before me) had discovered Vitas. A Russian singer, songwriter, performer, actor with a mysterious life and a voice even an angel would have been jealous of. My obsession started in the afternoon, browsing reluctantly around in order to find some tea time entertainment. There and then, the song (that had recently had gone viral) popped up to turn my life (and day & night time plans) around. To hell with my tea, I had to watch and hear this phenomenon like a nonbeliever who had firstly touched upon its own religion, even if that would mean total hydration!

The song was performed on a stage with the charismatic singer (and fashion designer!) in a alien like costume, surrounded by other figurines. Even though there are lots of people within the video, filling the screen up while dancing and of course the supporting band; Vitas shined like some extraterrestrial being who doesn’t blink an eye; he performed unlike any human being I’ve ever seen. His body moves and facial expressions are spell bounding and his voice! It’s unbelievable!

His voice is available to make the highest pitch in a seemingly effortless way, and his captivating tongue trick is one that has to be seen and heard to be believed! I couldn’t help myself and thinking of other things he could do with that tongue of his…

In this video above from 2001 he had the face of a young handsome Macaulay Culkin, an oiled up stage presence and upgraded voice of Klaus Nomi and the brilliance of the trolololol man presented all at once! It was a fantastic discovery, keeping me from tea and later from ‘sleep’. I simply couldn’t stop hearing and watching this video, it was so good; I had to share it (which as you know, dearest reader, something we rarely do over here…) my Russian friends at the anti-social social media site posted reactions that it was terrible or that it had given them childhood nightmares as it had sparked conversations of aliens living among them… I felt like shaking them; don’t you see and hear what I see and hear? Don’t you recognize talent when you hear and see it?! Don’t you feel the happiness that Vitas delivers here?

Obviously not everyone is pleas-able, or perhaps they in fact had been slightly traumatized from being fed this form of genius at an early age, (envy and jealousy might had something to do with it…) but when browsing around to discover more about ‘Vitas’ it was obvious that I was not the only one being obsessed and touched by this colorful appearance..

I browsed and browsed, clicked and clicked, enjoyed the grandiose performances that had been spread on YouTube, watched his one and only interview in which he reveals his family and people closest to him, seen his clothes being shredded to pieces at his sold out mega shows in China, visited conspiracy forums about him being an alien and watched his chameleon like abilities of him transforming into a flamboyant stage persona to a charismatic conservative entertainer..

I’m simply blown away that Vitas had been around for so long; sold so many millions of CD’s, toured wherever on the planet, won respectful music prizes, I learned he was a dad with a wife and a lovely daughter, and that he could imitate Michael Jackson’s dance moves and play the accordion like nobody else could (or should?)…

He is one of the missing pieces to make the life of everyone who likes talent, music and performance complete & something you really should check out and explore for yourself if you didn’t had the chance or opportunity before…
visit Vitas official youtube account:
or check out the official website for possible more info:

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2 Responses to Vitas – Седьмой элемент / The 7th Element

  1. Lilia says:

    I love love love the divine orgy of his both Opera’s ….!
    Didi you see his “Blessed Guru”?

    Or suicidal “The Birthday Of My Death”

    In concert:

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