djozr – there is no secret to this world

Artist: djozr
title: there is no secret to this world
keywords: ambient, drone, glitch, post-idm, spectral, Tallahassee

The first track is ‘I’ll be your window’ and it sounds as if the window is open to bring in warmth along with softly flying feathers that touches our faces and inner ears like kind kisses that float in the air. It’s such a friendly and cuddled piece of music; it’s a source to keep the cold out while keeping the love in. Music that tranquilizes by shaping up a dreamy atmosphere in which soft hints of melodies hang in a cloud-like shape; you can hear them and yet you can’t hold them in your hand while still admiring its beauty; it’s pretty mesmerizing.

Perpetual Marble Calm is another relaxing work for the ears and mind to be satisfied with. This time the artist seems to have captured the serenity of marble. For some reason I imagine the artists finger sliding kindly over a polished marble floor in a slow but strong consisting pace. Somehow this action is transformed into sound that has a humbling effect, almost as if it’s a chant down by a Himalayan monastery.

Until one day it kills me’ has the pleasant vibration to it that will melt ice creams and cold relationships; it slowly spreads around like a early morning sun in wintertime; it’s not a hot beam but more the case of a fine warm stream of light that slowly touches whatever it needs to be given that special warmth to be warned up and open up like some kind of slow awaking flower.

Look at a bright star and then look at a dim star’ is offering the soundtrack for space gazing; the act of watching the sky and it’s sparkling and dim lights brightening up the darkness of the night. This music is nicely moving, almost like a stretched out orchestra on their way traveling in & through the unexplored parts of outer space. The music is warm and kind, yet it has the action of being a spaceship’s engine pushing us higher and higher into the greater unknown.

The thunderbird photo had been found’ is one track that comes across very rich, with nicely layered layers that strangely shape up like a psychedelic masterpiece in which your mind can choose to which layer you want to dream-trip away on. The sounds are so nicely interwoven and yet they don’t seem like the easiest going friends, creating an interesting piece (in my opinion the highlight on this release!) of psychoactive musicality and audio-trickery. This in the combination of mind altering materials might become even more next level material; but on its own the music is strong enough to make you feel like you have been licking from that poor acidic toad’s back again; upside is down and down is upright, the walls are soft and ceilings are the floors; this is music that has the hidden key to another dimension; a holy grail for the sound lovers that like to trip out of their skulls in a pleasant and perfect fashion.

So the evil will forget us’ feels more like an action on earth; a whirlwind of sound that strangely made me feel of a speedboat high speeding on the water while splashing over and breaking the waves. It’s a whirlwind of audio that is quite a tumbling sensation and it gets more digestible the more you let it sink in. I’m not sure if the actual music becomes less active or that the ears are simply more settled down as they get used to it; but it for sure is an energetic based production.

Song for my birthday’ is one of calmness, one of being at peace with the inner self and there seems to be no obstacle to fall over along the way; a super smooth drone that would suit perfectly as a soundtrack for calm dreaming sessions. Another beauty that would suit the action of dreaming is the lovable sounding ‘Für Alina’, which has something of a Celtic song structure, carefully brought in a new age flair that everything delivers comfort in a poetic-free environment in which we as listening listeners pass from one perception slowly into another. It’s a mystery, but a beautiful sounding one.

If you are in need for music to relax, dream or feel warm and cozy, then this album might please you well.

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