Georgie – Pineapple

artist: Georgie
title: Pineapple
keywords: donald trump, electronic, alternative, baroque, pop ,dada, dance ,electronica, electropop, glitch, lgbt, artist, pineapple, political ,post-vaporwave ,queer ,weird ,Chapel Hill
reviewer: WIllem van O.

Pineapple is a modern day pop tune and EP in which the singers voice goes up and down, travels through warp spaces between time and space & the music is as electrifyingly odd as putting your fingers around a fork, and poking it into a electric socket. It’s a bit all over the place, and I mean this in the best possible way; one second you think you find a chill bit, and another you are on a rush that gets spontaneously slapped within your ears. It got the freshness and juice of a pineapple, but it certainly hasn’t has the stability of one; interesting stuff and more colorful to say the least.

On the Pineapple EP also awaits an out of the blue intermezzo-kind of work that has something to do with that man who likes to talk about China and building walls around Mexico. I’m not going into it much as who knows he might unleash the atomic bomb on top of our offices…

Next up is ‘American Way’ which has a more steady structure (if I may say so..) and feels like a track that wouldn’t be out of place in a club with open minded clubbing flubbers. It’s nice but I think the next one ‘REM’ is even a slice up the successful rate in order to bring weirdness in an acceptable format. It’s the electronic music that would suit a live show in which everyone dances high on body odor, a high making smell spread around by the other happy dancing dancers. There is a nice energy to it with ways that are original, and yet perfectly camouflaged as if in need to trick the normal audience in thinking it’s your everyday kind of material…

…Hardly do they know that this is the work of mass-hypnosis done by a outer space identity producing danceable works (and songs!) and dropping them down here on earth like a free dinner! It somehow made me think of the Pet Shop Boys but then having a family affair with the Borg on that block somewhere in another movie-esque galaxy; resistance is futile, don’t refuse to click the link:

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