Orphax – Time Waves

artist: Orphax
title: Time Waves
format: CD / digital
keywords: ambient, experimental, drone, minimal, geology
label: Moving Furniture Records http://www.movingfurniturerecords.com/

Orphax is Amsterdam based music maker Sietse, and the picture above described as cat-hair is the cover for his latest album. It is an actual live recording recorded from a performance at the Bimhuis in Amsterdam and has conceptually a interesting block of words attached to the work. If you are interested in the backstory of this music (it has something to do with Geology) you are free to click this link and read all about it.

The music is to me something you could easily listen without the knowledge of what Orphax inspiration was as the result is suitable for listening sessions for intellectuals and homeless bums all together. The lengthy live performance simply seems to drag listening listeners inside a minimal but thick world that has a high psychedelic effect on the mind. It has its nice moments of building up, getting fatter and then suddenly letting it all go to leave only a surreal tone in which it feels as if Orphax pushed us from a cliff; and gravity has nothing on us! I mean Orphax might move us upwards and then places out ears in tones that are of a crystal-like chatter; it feels as surreal and safe like swimming in a glitchy backdrop of the old Startrek series.

Orphax produced on the spot a very nice way to discover and experience weightlessness. The minimal and yet well crafted ambient tones are functioning as the fuzzy forces to keep you in the air for quite some time. It makes me think about the audience in that Bimhuis, did they fly out of an open standing window or did they all sit upside down on the ceiling when this music was created and recorded?

Slowly but surely the music adds a little layer of weight, slowly finding a balance in what’s up and what’s down. The process of it all is beautiful, its as if you are a floating balloon that get its belly slowly filled with soft feathers to gain the weight needed to not fly away. It might have been cat-hair instead of feathers, but this is all up to your own imagination of course. But even if you have no imagination, (it can happen!) you might find joy in this Orphax work by just listening at it like a backdrop that is abstract but definitely digest able.

Later the music gets a more ambient approach in which it feels more like delivering structures that you can breathe along with. It’s like space new wave that modern day gurus would play when they do their sessions of mental stabilization and brain-like yoga practices. I imagine the spectators at the Bimhuis who didn’t fly out of the window earlier on to be on the floor lying around like the most relaxed and satisfied audio junkies of them all. A bit like heroin for the minimal drone ambient lover…

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