Royal Hungarian Noisemakers & V Sabo – Split

artist: Royal Hungarian Noisemakers & V Sabo
title: Split
keywords: ambient, experimental, abstract, contemporary, noise, Budapest

Royal Hungarian Noisemakers starts this fanatic sounding split with a track named 13.11, which probably refers to the length of the recording. (*or probably 13.11 Paris…) The sound presented here is as bombastic and in your face as a head crushed under a huge amount of gigantic falling thumb-stones. If you had a headache before listening to this; this part of the release might crush your head so hard that your headache simply stands up and leaves rather quickly! The music becomes more ritualistic, as if the harsh noise is massaged in freely under a unstoppable rhythmic force that seems to be totally unforgiving. Somehow this track feels like a cure, not only one for headache but for many other things… Somehow I feel this bombastic harshness has the power to make bacteria pack their bags and move out..
It’s as if these Royal Hungarian Noisemakers have unleashed a special voodoo session for you to clear you up from any disturbing disturbances. If you don’t want to visit a doctor, you might just want to give this 13:11 a try!

The split continues with the terrifying sound of V Sabo’s Taplohw. It simply cuts in like a scream from a tormented spirit whose soul is like a sharp knife splitting bodies in half with a singular breath. It’s quite a frightening sound, but at the same time its exciting. It’s as if some demon had come up to you sucking all your oxygen out, so you will be left breathless like an banana peel without banana inside.

After that V Sabo comes again at you with a track named ‘Tighjizzunbte’ which also doesn’t feel like it contains compassion or scrambled pieces of leftover-love. It is this wall-shaking work that goes down deep, catches you by the heart and stomach & shakes it all around as if its an internal earthquake. My personal organs are pretty shaken up by this work, making me feel like I’m a milkshake surrounded by human skin and bones; something that also effectively seems to be corroded and crushed away… And you know, its only getting worse! This audio track of nightmare material then shifts into a razor blade direction, cutting up all that is left like sharp teeth on a chainsaw…
Heavy stuff out on a limited edition cassette, or as a digital download over here:

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