Blumen/With a Smile -Banana Split EP

artist: Blumen/With a Smile
title: Banana Split EP
keywords: experimental, jamie king, progressive, jazz, progressive rock, with a smile, blumen, Baton Rouge

Blumen brings the sound of fresh swinging jazzy prog rock flowers to your possible ears. Delightfully played in an unique way with a vibrant sounding piano as it’s middle core of pretty attention. It will certainly attract butterflies, caterpillars and energetic happy cats. It has something gypsy over it; something free spirited and yet produces the tight structure for joyfully dancing sensations in a breeze of love in a adorable room temperature. I can’t help but feel the music as if someone just had opened up a window to let the sound and smell of nature in. The project’s name ‘Blumen’ couldn’t be a better one, and giving this music to someone as an gift would probably be more cherished then an actual bunch of flowers you’ve bought at a gas station; this is vibrant music that has to fall into deaf ears not to be fallen in love with.

The split wouldn’t be a split if another band didn’t join in. The one here is ‘With A Smile’ and the music seems to take a step up in creating an homely atmosphere of something I’d like to call ‘heaven on room temperature’. It’s very pretty, energetic, friendly and feels like someone had opened the window to let another new day in. The main focus here is also the piano, which sounds like a harp being played by lean strong fingers with little fragile hearts inside; it’s pretty and magical.

The last track keeps this pretty scenery and it’s for me as a listener quite the gift to hear. It’s like breezes of good smelling fresh air mixed with sunshine that are flowing in the inner ears and touch upon the outer skin. It’s probably the first case of math-based music that doesn’t sound forced like squeezed butt-cheeks holding up a fart; this is the sound of letting it all go; resulting in the feeling and lovable smell of spring time within pretty music!

I must say that I’m impressed with this lovely togetherness of Blumen and With A Smile, and how they both deliver a certain beautiful happiness that sounds so fresh and vibrant. I guess it will flourish your environment up a notch, so please be kind to yourself and surroundings and get this release to play from the following link;

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