Rama the Rad – Rama the Rad

a0337221574_16artist: Rama the Rad
title: Rama The Rad
keywords: diy, punk, electro, oustsider, music, singer-songwriter, Kraków
label: Weakie Discs https://www.weakiediscs.yolasite.com/

Rama the Rad’s self titled release on Weakie Discs is an interesting work of guitar based music. Sometimes Rama the Rad performs with his voice in combo with the guitar & rare other times without. At more rare occasions other instrumental sounds are brought in but it’s his voice and guitar combo that rules the golden scepter over here. Them two working together is an togetherness that fall into each other like a smooth handshake, resulting in acoustic songs of ‘highness’ that you can easily feel in your guts to feed your sentimental psychedelic joy factors. Sometimes the sound is a bit more gritty, as if Rama the Rad had come as close as possible to the microphone in order to get a crunchy vibe that reminds of the pleasant sound of old radio receivers. At other times Rama the Rad sits back at a reasonable stay and plays out psychedelic friendly songs that seems to capture those intimate out of the mind & deep into the music moments in all its nice niche of nudity. Just listen to ‘everything is a lie’ and you know what I mean…

At the more action based works it reminds me sometimes of the days that Beck had entertaining the ears with grittier effects, but only for a hint as ‘Rama the Rad’ has a sound and style that is something pretty much one of its own. Yet his setup might be reasonably the same for a good case on the album, the songs, music, use of sound, feeling and intention seems to be different in each and every track; not only showing boredom the exit door, but at the same time showing the subtitle sides of diversity of Rama The Rad. In general it’s a fine listen, and when all the songs and tracks had passed the revue I felt a nice challenging experience of being relaxed and entertained.

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