Ssów – Improved Magnetic Electrical Machine

a2198516248_16artist: Ssów
title: Improved Magnetic Electrical Machine
keywords: electronic, experimental, DIY, ambient, outsider, beats,
label: Weakie Discs

Ssów is an electronic musician and composer from the Russian Federation province, and the obvious owner of enough talent and urge to make and do things. It’s clear from the start that Ssów isn’t dirty to do things others did not do before, experimenting in ways that follow their own roads of interest. Ssów’s interest clearly takes a brilliant shift into exploring electronic beats, the sound of them, grooves and new kind of production ways.

In general it’s all very subtle, providing classy electronics that are free and interesting, bringing rhythmic pleasures in ways that set psycho active minimal grooves that I would have loved to hear being played in a coffee shop in Amsterdam. It isn’t at all disturbing or in your face material, but instead goes for a way that is playing sweet sounding pleasant mind games while they play out so nicely.

The music is good for chilling out, but simply sleeping to this would be quite rude, as these tracks are inviting your brain for some nice puzzle of understanding and analyzing. It’s listening material that even though it sometimes minimal approach has a way to hold the attention until its final seconds.

One of the nice examples of experiment that I enjoyed is the tune named ‘Handle’, a more energetic intake that creates some form of active danceable nerve wrecking techno without really being techno. The lack of beat over here is simply getting me into a delightful frenzy of joy! Other highlights on the album are to me ‘wire coil’ (such a good sound and rhythm!) and Horse Shoe Magnet, Conductors, Pulley-wheel & Driving Wheel. Whoops, I guess I’ve just name dropped all the tracks on the album!
The only thing I forget to mention is that on Driving Wheel & Horse Shoe Magnet seems to be collaborations with Clare Ines from Poland.

Conclusion? Pretty much an special album for listening, mind puzzling, relaxing and feeling satisfied that there are still people out there with enough talent, intelligence, skill and lack of fear to bring something interesting to the table of electronics. Roll yourself a big fat blunt and let the games begin!

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