Corey B. – The Guitar Hero Sessions II

Artist: Corey B.
title: The Guitar Hero Sessions II
keywords: boogie-woogie, comedy, funk, funny, rock, rock & roll, scooby doo, stupid, Australia
reviewer: Simon Cowbell

First some lies:

‘Corey B’ the hottest and funkiest rock star on everyone’s notes to check out has this album swinging around on the internet that will make your toenails curl, and the hairs in your ears knot like a well pedicured beard. You might even go in a fanatic fan rage and pull hairs out of your head… The power of Corey B is that his band seems to be brought by an electronic game named Guitar Hero, and the star himself adds his precious vocals on top of it…

Corey B’s first game concert of the evening is simply recorded for your apocalyptic pleasure. He takes up the classics and screws them like a true rock star high on karaoke fame. Sometimes he misses a note, and other times he skips pitch from high voice to a low lying one, but he knows how to keep the lonely crowd of listeners somehow entertained.

And now the opinionated  truth:

Nah. I’m actually not serious;
this is pretty horrible. It Sucks…

But what I love about Corey B and his guitar hero album is that he basically fucks all the classics from these bands who had signed up to join this game. Corey B’s album must be hell for bands like Iron Maiden, Wild Cherry, 3 Doors Down, Duran Duran & singer John Mellencamp… If you are one of them; please tune in! If you aren’t, you better move along…

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