Embargos Paradox – Waffles & Pancakes

a2344136158_16artist: Embargos Paradox
title: Waffles & Pancakes
keywords: ambient, cooldown, crazy, keyboard, synth, Green Bay
reviewer: Willem van O.

Most people like Waffles or Pancakes, some of them like them even both. I’m not really a waffle-fan, but won’t say no to a pancake. Unfortunately the waffles and pancakes, butter, syrup and co aren’t real, but names for pieces of music. It’s quite difficult to say what kind of music it is, so the references of Waffles & Pancakes things, aren’t really that of an insane idea to name the tracks after. It’s cool, it’s lose, it’s a bit this and a bit that; but in general it’s quite sweetly flavored (music wise).

This lovely work starts with the main tune ‘Waffles & Pancakes’ with sounds that are coming across as nicely shakable. The shakable rhythm makes you want to pull out a pack of flakes or crumbled cookies and shake them for an additional do-it-at-home groovy vibe of pure interaction. The music brings a lovely synthetic retro melody which is played rather cheerfully for your obvious entertainment. There is also a piece of piano in there, smoothening the whole track up like a melting block of butter on a hot pancake (or waffle).

After that the album takes us to a music piece that feels a bit more serious, something we shouldn’t shake left over crumbs in a carton box through, but more something to sit down and observe with our ears in a relaxed situation. This ‘Bannana Bound’ music has a steady electric beat that nicely tickles a sweet & dreamy kind of melody. It’s quite a contrast to the next work named ‘Bread of The Butter’…

Bread of The Butter’ is more active, a steady beat but more uptempo & strangely flirting with commercial artifacts. Strangely it’s coming across as a piss take of something you could hear on a well listened radio station, minus the lousy rappers and singers; perhaps inviting that Do-It-Yourself vibe again, as there is nothing that stops you here from singing your own lyrics on top.

There is more piano stuff on ‘Butter’, which also includes a shambling guitar. It sounds groovy, a bit incorrect & that’s quite nice and sugary. It goes very well with ‘Syrup On Dem’, which is one of the more top notch groovy tunes over here; flirting with big beats, jazzy intermezzos and retro randomness. I can’t really put my hands or ears on it, which in general should be seen as an remarkable classy achievement.

Last but certainly not least is the track that basically tells you that it is finished, as you should ‘GO GO GO GO GO GO!!!! It’s the smooth rider, very minimal and loopy; bass and beat & quite hypnotic… The music on this album passes the revue quite quickly, and when you reach the repetitiveness of GO GO GO GO GO GO!!!! It’s clear that you have reached the end destination. From here you can play the first track again, or some other one on the release that you liked; or perhaps go and find something else to do and listen. Perhaps you can buy it and get a super exclusive secret bonus track..

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