John Burggraaf – The Heart of Aishling

Artist: John Burggraaf
title: The Heart of Aishling
keywords: ambient, singing bowls, meditation, relaxing, sound art, yoga, Tilburg
reviewer: Simon Cowbell

John Burggraaf does bring exactly what the cover of this release seems to suggest. Him playing those tone-creators in a natural setting and then letting them flow around like a prestige doctor who took its practice back to nature.

And this so called ‘nature’ is fully available on this little release, exposing the recording qualities of a good microphone that brings you the sound of happy birds as if you are seated in the middle of them; I would say it’s a bit as if you are dressed up as a big bird, and they simply don’t know (or aren’t aware) that you are there, being healed by the singing bowls played by John Burggraaf.

John Burggraaf plays its tones of healing new wave singing bowl sounds, and the only thing you should do is open up your ears, close your eyes and relax your mind. John has it simply all under control. There is no need to worry as John gives you the music to throw your daily stress out, in order for the birds to pick the pieces up and fly away with. And if you don’t like birds, you will be glad to hear that there are relaxing watery waves too!
Feel one with nature,
set your brain on automatic pilot mode, and let John Burggraaf do the rest.
Thanks John! Feeling much better now!

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