Mark Williams – NUMB

artist: Mark Williams
title: NUMB
keywords: diy, pop, bass, pop, chill, dream, pop, electro, pop, electronic, glitter, pop, indie pop, synth pop ,California

There is no artist in the world that is worth your time then the one and only Mark Williams. He is the real thing, if it wasn’t for him and his music I doubt we would have been here to report to you. Mark Williams is the singer songwriter and music producer of dreams and glitter vibes.

With NUMB our favorite music hero sings his broken heart out, and it’s wonderful! The music tingles like porcelain glass and rattles like an exotic rattle snake powered by short living Duracell batteries. It’s pure adrenaline that awakens in every listener, who hears this beautifully done song in all its might and glory. Maybe Mark Williams’s heart might be broken, but our ones will be glued by hearing this courageous piece of all-given perfection!

With the use of the right superglue you are able to glue your ears forever on the speaker that delivers you this beautifully done & emotionally pleasing form of music. It might be unhandy when doing other things, but trust me after hearing this lovely humanoid work by the true master himself; you don’t want to hear (or do) anything else! Mark Williams’s NUMB is another masterpiece!

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