100th School – Mentally III (single)

artist: 100th School
title: Mentally III (single)
keywords: electronic, dubstep, edm, filthstep, horrorcore, instrumental, noise, noisecore, post-zombierave, trap, zombierave, Russia
reviewer: Simon Cowbell

100th School’s Mentally III is probably the sickest and ill-est thing that had come out of my speakers this morning, and when it came it had hit me up against the wall, thrown me from one wall to the other like I was simply a tennis ball tossed in the air as a worthless nothing. Mentally III brings electronic madness so fat that it’s as if you will discover a complete new thing! A shocking surprise! The extreme use of whooping electric sound heaviness and dubby rhythm is one that is something of futuristic proportions & concerning the term ‘post-zombierave’ it might not be a bright future for zombies and its survivors. Although with a single soundtrack like this; I’m sure asses of various proportions will be kicked.

Already beaten up with pure excitement of this massive sound force doing its thing, 100th School still doesn’t stop as then indeed a Zombierave remix drops in.. It includes some wicked vocals to add to the extremity; so better wear a helmet when this all kicks in! It’s hard to describe what had come out of my speakers, but it’s filthy, massive and pretty much a wake up call! Russia has got some excellent music makers out there, and some of them are just a little bit better than others; this 100th School is one of them! Don’t underestimate the Mentally III single, as it will throw you in the air and it won’t even care! (That rhymes)

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