Sweet Honeysuckle – Number-one-Al-bum

artist: Sweet Honeysuckle
title: Number-one-Al-bum
keywords: electronic, idm, breakcore, experimental, electronic, funny, noise
reviewer: Pipi Poopooh

Sweet Honeysuckle brings a brand of break core type of music that makes me feel like I’m about to wet myself. Not with tears or sensual body fluids, but more as if the bladder is full and wants to get its insides clean and empty.

Don’t worry though, the music doesn’t have anything to do with urine or the sound of it, just the action and ‘feeling’ of really wanting to take a leak but you can’t because there is no possible place you can fully unleash your golden liquid; you know it happens to the best of us!

Anyway the music, it has this nervous feeling that made me want to dance while holding my legs crossed and perhaps both hands pressed on my human water exit. It’s an odd dance that’s for sure! I can only hope that my core doesn’t break and that the piss doesn’t drop out until a spectacle crotch spot is made for everyone to see and smell.

Music wise it has those beats; the chopped up things and hardcore kicks, but it’s the choice of mediocre cheesy sounds for melodies that produces this feeling of dying to urinate without actually really needing to go. It’s really a new kind of dance that it evokes…

But it has to be said; there is hope! As when a track named ‘COUCH’ kicks in with a certain distortion, my mind suddenly shifts from the small message, to the big one. Dancing like you are about to shit yourself in a spectacular case of diarrhea…

Seriously this is no offense to the actual music, I’m just chatting away how this music makes me dance in the most particular ways. The official explanation of this album goes like this:

“Number-one-Al-bum tells a small-on-size, but lager-than-life story of a young boy exploring his house and finding everyday objects”

Which actually doesnt seem to be so far off from the effect it has on me as an adult. I’m feeling impatient, jumping up and down to suck the phantom urine and cakes in & its a kinda thing a young kid would do the same.. dance, dance, dance and avoid going to the toilet at all times!

I would love to see a whole bunch of people dancing like they are out to wee upfront, and bake chocolate cakes at the back; so you are very invited to join this session with the help of the following link:

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