Walt Winston – The Banana Song

artist: Walt Winston
title: The Banana Song
keywords: pop, acoustic, folk, ballad, catchy, video
reviewer: Willem van O.

The big hit writer, Walt Winston is famous for his great song writing skills and actual catchy tunes. He is well known under music lovers with an acquired taste, but thanks to his astonishing televised performance on ‘America’s Got Talent’ his talent had sky rocketed into global stardom. Yet, even though all the increase of interest and masses of newly gained fans his super hum-worthy classic ‘The Banana Song’ had been (in my honest opinion) a bit overlooked.

This The Banana Song has the power to get into you & from there you’ll probably find yourself humming this melody (or maybe even singing) in public at the oddest places and at random times. It’s secret is probably the vocals, the addictive chords, monkey sounds and repetitiveness. you’ll love it! unless, you don’t like bananas and are only interested in coconuts… although there are some coconuts too!

The Banana Song is on its own something that is strong and unforgettable, but let me tell you that Walt also has something to rub the song into you through the visual way. He does this with the use of a modern music video, something that might (one day) actually kill off all the radio stars.. In the video you will see the visualization of the lyrics in its most purest way. Walt Winston will take you to the shop to buy bananas & when he doesn’t; you will be able to see Walt playing his song in a very entertaining enthusiastic way; its quite a joyful sight!

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