Andy Pankakes – Friends

artist: Andy Pankakes
title: Friends
keywords: acoustic, alternative, americana, folk, punk, hip hop, punk, r&b,soul, bluesy, funny ,garage ,independent, independent music, indie, folk Santa Cruz
reviewer: Willem van O.

Andy Pankakes might surprise you, as when you dip your ears at first instant you’ll think something along the line of ‘okay’, but as soon as Andy Pankakes’s mouth opens up to perform his song you’ll be like ‘oh okay’. Andy Pankakes really gives himself vocally, singing probably as easy about donkey poop as a warning song for a junkie who is in its way. Andy Pankakes is seemingly that kind of a person who manages to strangle its own lungs and guts to get the best vocal performance squeezed out between his lips.

You can feel that the words have been traveled through his bowels, gets spiced up by the emotions that belong with the song that Andy performs. And if he doesn’t sing he might blow in a bottle once filled with booze, something that rhymes with ‘blues’ which he also ends this short release with. These songs are probably just a tip of the iceberg that is Andy Pankake’s repertoire, and might leave you a bit guessing; will he go for a career in the serious bluesy way, will he throw up all his inner organs to perform unlike any other Andy Pankake had done before?

Or will he just be a mystery and hop in all kinds of directions that he will enjoy to hop around in? I sincerely hope for more of the hopping and even more inner bowel strangulation in order for Andy Pankake’s vocal performance to outdo anyone slightly tumbling in his limelight… What’s that? Andy Pankake’s shadow? Oh, I’m sure he’ll be able to beat that!

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