Bill Mumy – When You Say You Love Me

artist: Bill Mumy
title: When You Say You Love Me
keywords: rock and roll, video, pop, rock, video, psychedelic
label: Global Recording Artists
reviewers: Youtube commentators

Bill Mumy’s first video release (a co-production of Electric Phantom featuring artwork by Odie Lowther) from the Ten Days album is one thing you should see in the dark. Not that seeing it in the light isn’t cool, it just has all these visual colors and effects that will greatly light up the darkness in a pleasant color field. So if you have the chance, dim the lights, close the curtains, put the volume up (as its quite some tune!) and watch this video.. You will love it!

Bill Mumy’s song is making a huge impact online, leaving the fans gasping for more; they might even have fallen in love with it. Just take a look at these well spoken and polite YouTube commentators:
Screen Shot 2559-02-03 at 12.25.47 PM
and this one:
Screen Shot 2559-02-03 at 12.27.38 PM
or this important one:
Screen Shot 2559-02-03 at 12.28.30 PM
or what about these ones:
Screen Shot 2559-02-03 at 12.29.38 PM
and this commentator:
Screen Shot 2559-02-03 at 12.35.18 PM
These wonderful people can’t be all Bill Mummy alter ego’s, these YouTube commentators might be actual real people with opinions and minds of their own. And they all seem to be pretty enthusiastic about this song and the video & basically leave me as a music critique out of business. (or they make my life super easy and relaxed..) , as I agree with all of them.. It’s a super catchy song, rock n’ roll, a great track, very loving & NEATO, it is very good, with a perfect melody that makes bar chords sounding awesome again & oh my god! The smell!! It smells so much like a hit that It MaKeS YoU WAnt TO WriTE LikE THIs!!
So IF yOu DoNT MiND anD ChECk OuT ThE ViDEo AnD WRiTe A PrAiSiNG SenTEnCe WhEN yoU ArE HapPy AbOUt IT; I’ll SnEAK OuT FOr A HoLiday….

the album can be found (and bought) over here:

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