c4 – proper nuance

proper nuance cover finalArtist: c4
title: proper nuance
keywords: electronic, ambient, techno, minimal, groove, experimental, glitch, funk, hypnotic, drone
label: Proc Records http://proc-records.net/

The first release by C4 on the legendary netlabel Proc-Records was (and still is) ‘proper nuance’.
It’s an historic music moment in netlabel history, and I would like to take some time to walk you through it. The first piece of music you will hear (if you play it in order of the provided tracklist) is ‘de’. Here we can hear C4’s distinctive set of brainwave massaging ambient drone. It’s as classic, pure like a child that didn’t even got born yet! It’s the master’s first steps of pretty ambient music perfection..

Then there is ‘car chase (not finished)’, a chilly beat based work that gets those funky rolling drums dreaming with nice minimal cut up dream jazzy funk swing material. It provides that warm piano everyone loves, until it quickly crashes into a nice glitch. The car chase might not be finished, but the ending is definitely one that ends.

The prettiness of historic experimental electronic pleasure continues with the ‘avec’ track. Here the legendary hero c4 inserts exactly what he has been so famous for. Hypnotic warm and muffled grooves that are hypnotic with super minimal funky warmness. C4 gives this groovy warm piece of music such a spin that it is hard to resist not to feel the vibe and move along. The extra layer of rhythm is great to get that smooth-riding hypno party going on. It is here that early classic c4 material shines through like a document in time, grooving its way into the near future.

next up is ‘always getting into treble’ which dips into this low lying slow groove with sweet hiss and warm repetitiveness. You can hear the legendary producer having his fingers on the buttons to play with the treble, and it makes this looping work into one that takes listeners to new states of relaxedness.

The last piece of music on this internet classic release is the superbly done ‘in the time it takes…’. Here c4 takes its precious time to build up, stimulates with soft hypnotic elements and a big fat groove to take it all away. You can hear this historic release by downloading it for free from the legendary Proc Records website over here:

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