Clown Vomit – Instrumental Vomit

a1368164217_16artist: Clown Vomit
title: Instrumental Vomit
keywords: experimental odd time signatures rock ambient free improvisation heavy insane instrumental jazz noise progressive Denver
reviewer: Willem van O.

‘It is vomit’ is the actual first music that seems to hobble over hills produced by funky baselines played like a national lampoon’s vacation, going up and down small dangerous roads in the hills. Around it there are the edges visualized by hectic and fanatically played electric guitar solos and energy in-fluctuations on every corner produced by a well skilled drummer drumming on a drum-kit.

The roads between these hectic hills might be up and down and pretty frenetic, it doesn’t make me couch up any hair balls or stomach fluids. And the ride only gets more and more friendly, with beat boxing funky moments of cider & sun friendly pieces of togetherness. These people are not stepping on the break and don’t show any sign of stopping.

This power escalates in the nasty instrumental tune named ‘cereal’. It’s as if the troubadours of bass, guitar and beat had picked up a hitchhiker that screams musically like a horny maid who can’t contain her hotness. It’s a jolly form of sound and makes speeding down the hill through music simply fun again!

And yes, yes it’s not a real horny maid but an actual theremin being played perfectly by Brian Bonelli, which seems to me like the best theremin player in the business who takes this sound up into a completely new level. Together with the full band he seems to produce a sound so hot in ‘I Doody For You’ that it made my water boil! Perfect! Anyone fancy a cup of tea?

Then there is ‘Lobster Bib’ which is the music that makes long hair wave in the wind produced by these instruments. They are not going up and down the roads again like a National Lampoon’s holiday vacation; here it’s flying above the earth and simply lifting off!

But if you think it can’t go any higher; these fanatic musicians level it up to outer space kind of energetic proportions! Baby Pterodactyles’ is where everything goes insane, super tight swooping it all up into fanatically played energy that simply feels like having crashed through the ozone layer and running over the earth as if it’s a hamster wheel!

Doody Bomb’ keeps the music racing, making it the perfect soundtrack for excessive jogging on air. There is room for aggression, for fanatic steps and for more comical lightweight foot prints making. But in general it’s a continuous flow of excellent real music that has nothing to do with vomit, except that it might give such a adrenaline rush that vomiting might actually be an action that might happen. Luckily there is an egg salad (with a delicious saxophone sauce) included at the end to fill the stomach up again.
For a band named Clown Vomit, this is actually quite a nice instrumental wild ride!

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