Mila Severtseva – Lony E.p.

artist: Mila Severtseva
title: Lony E.p.
keywords: electronic, experimental, minimal, ambient, IDM, electronica, beats,
reviewer: user984294727592785294

Artist Mila Severtseva asks the question; where is my ambient. The answer is right in front of you, as her ambient is available on her ‘Lony’ release. It’s not your average ambient, which might make it perhaps less distinctive or fiend able, but as you peek through the experimental curtains and rhythm you will hear it in all its beautiful perfection.

This ambient is of a melodic kind that might please fans of the old school IDM guard. You know them, you’ve seen them hanging around the block lurking for mysterious sound cloud users. Why you not get them inside, offer them some coffee and a listen to this music by Mila Severtseva?

Certainly they would appreciate the sounds used in a track called ‘Toou’. It might not be a brain cracker kind of tune, it still might get some sparkles sparkling in those empty eyes of these fine brain dance addicts. Mila gives it the pulse people love, the energy that flies a bit militant, with keyboard sounds and beats that have a nonchalance over it that is quite inviting and fresh. A bit like a lime on the side of a lemonade (but then electrified and it’s music…)

Eir Eeling’ has a nice rhythmic way to explore a technique that sniffs of good experimental techno. There might be no steady beats to dance upon, instead it just goes for the rhythmic vibe that focuses on exposing pretty electric generating sounds that are played out like a hypnotizing trip for the lightweight explorer. I like Mila’s music a lot over here as she seems to be able to bring experimental music in a way everyone should be able to enjoy: There is kindness to be found.

The last (and might we say ‘best’?) tune on this release is ‘weirsong’, which probably will make the hungry and thirsty IDM refugees happy again, giving them again a reason to love, live and shine as these exposure of Mila’s sounds & rhythm might give them that enthusiastic weird spark in their eyes back.

Download now and invite your friends to do the same

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