Punctured Esophagus – Raw Bullshit Demo #4

artist: Punctured Esophagus
title: Raw Bullshit Demo #4
keywrods: experimental gorenoise noisecore sewage Kokomo
reviewer: Simon Hit

Untitled tracks is a single track of untitled tracks that are coming across like some kind of tight ass mechanic monster who brushes it’s teeth in strict sessions. It’s brushing its teeth in a way that it seems to attack abs focus on only the worst teeth and makes them clean by militant force. You can hear the monster’s mouth responding to the electrifying brush sessions, which are captured in such a lo-fi way that at times it feels like it’s been recorded with the help of a potato.

If you enjoyed these untitled tracks within a single tracks you will be over the moon from joy to know that there is another one. More untitled tracks will provide more of the untitled tracks within a single track and it keeps the same kind of vibe as the first one. Sometimes the feeling of brushing of the teeth might make way for imaginative typewriter sessions; in which the hectic brushing seems to be the monster slamming those typewriter keys as if life depends on it.

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