Sad Synth – Sad Synth

a0751504848_16Artist: Sad Synth
title: Sad Synth
keywords: experimental ambient chiptune depressioncore harsh noise noise noisecore sadsynth sample-based synth United States

Sad Synth brings the melancholic state of music to whoever wants to hear it. Of course you might want to avoid tear jerking sounds, but do not avoid Sad Synth’s ones as they don’t seem to be so tearful or sad after-all. It might be even said that personally I gained a severe positivity when hearing the first bleep tones playing a melody in the first track, and when more sounds came along it became actually quite a work that surprised me in it bringing a slight smile into my face; a sad smile, perhaps; but a smile nonetheless. I guess it had to do with the noise that came in such a friendly way and shape, something somehow totally unexpected and quite joyful for a work of melancholic sadness.

The track ‘no one home’ keeps this emotional vibe and yet it is vibrant and slightly cheerful. It’s as if it’s excepted being slightly hanging in the dark corners of depression, but saying ‘fuck it!’ I’m crawling out with an fair amount of drastic melodic distorted energy! It’s as if Sad Synth is turning the sadness around by digging into producing the short helping hands of music and distorted sound, strong enough to pull everyone out of their dark holes of sadness.

Then there is ‘Real Relations’ another melodic bleepy distorted piece of strange melancholic energy. The melody and rhythm has something manic about it, as if real relationships are all hectic things to quickly run away from before they will drive you nuts. For some reason I imagine the ending being the sound of an ambulance, called in because Sad Synth liquidated such real relation in a funny frenzy.

But who knows what this release is all about? Sad Synth basically leaves it up for anyone’s one interpretation and the last short tune ‘goodbye father’ is no exception. It’s quickly gone, but somehow these four tracks together leave a long lasting impression of surprise and odd jolliness. Perhaps someone else will reach that cold and dark emotional place through this music, but here it was quite a positive and energetic little experience. You can check it out with your own ears over here:

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