The Hairy Giant – Glowing Dinosaurs

Artist: The Hairy Giant
title: Glowing Dinosaurs
keywords: ambient, experimental, Prehistoric, prehistory, album, trip, dreams, netlabel
label: Storage Unit

The Hairy Giant invites you to go on a journey deep into the park of living dinosaurs. Follow in his gigantic footsteps and don’t let the sounds of enormous Dino’s distract you. When he leads us through the wild life park you will be greatly entertained by the music and light show of fascinating Glowing Dinosaurs. Just look and hear at them through the music, all the scary ideas disappear as you can feel that these are prehistoric goodies that won’t harm a fly even though they are gigantic in size. There is absolutely no need to be afraid or to panic as the Hairy Giant brings the kindest and deepest friendliest electronic melodic music to feel good and safe in. And this safety doesn’t take away the view of excitement and wonder as even the melodies, grooves and sounds used are something to be fascinated about. The Hairy Giant moves us through like a protective hero that you could build on.

Even the deeper odder ways like this track that makes you feel like the Hairy Giant takes us through the barriers of space and time is coming across as if you have done this fantasy many times before, even though I’m sure you didn’t. The Hairy Giant brings the deepest synth layers, special effects for space traveling, percussive adventurous percussion and in general pretty adventurous melodic world of music. The Jurassic journey between the sights of these colossal beasts is one that is surprisingly safe and exciting at the same time, all thanks to the heroic guide The Hairy Giant & the wonderful music that this giant decorates the whole adventure with. An true recommended dreamy adventure through prehistory…

You can download this full length album over here (FOR FREE!!) :

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