The Wiggles – Apples & Bananas

2artist: The Wiggles
title: Apples & bananas
keywords: children’s music
reviewer: Silly the Kid

I’m penning while seriously listening to nobody less than the glorious ‘the wiggles’ album named ‘apples and bananas’. It’s an album of classics, brought to you in a wiggly wobbly way that It will probably make some easy going laughers giggle as if they are being tickled. The wiggles simply deliver their child friendly brand of songs in a form of humorist edutainment.

If you are a kid trapped in a grown-up adult body; you’ll love it just as much as if you are kid trapped into a child’s body. If you are a grown up trapped into a grown up body, you might be enduring it more for the others around, or even respect and enjoy it for the pure sentimental youth value. (or not enjoy it at all, its possible!)
But as a matter of fact; old people flirting with dementia might also find great joy in this cheerful collection on ‘apples and bananas’.

The songs are quite absurd, and do their best to make music about ‘pee’ and ‘litle piggies’ sounding fun again. Almost every song has a little introduction, making the ‘apples and bananas’ album a bit longer, and even adding more tracks to the impressive looking track list.

From ‘Miss Polly had a Dolly’ to the world famous ‘Itsy Bitsy Spider’ to the number one on the annoy an serious adult ‘This old man came rolling home’… Great material to let any politician confess their crimes to make it all stop, but for the rest of us wiggling loving friends; music for a wiggly wobbly good time..

I can’t find the link from the official website to order this album on CD,
so you better wiggle yourself to the deep web and google it up. Or get the DVD <-
Okay, one more to drive you over he edge of your sanity: enjoy!

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