USB Orchestra – Embed

a0750737301_16Artist: USB Orchestra
title: Embed
keywords: experimental burke cameron cassette dark ambient industrial justin scott gray modular synthesizer usb orchestra Toronto
label: Amok Recordings

USB Orchestra opens up with what sounds like a kind operation of stinging strings. Their strings get stung like a repetitive stroke, while kindly touching upon the sounds of drone. If this description doesn’t make much sense, you should find more reason to slip your own ears in and hear the work for yourself.

Nothing can go wrong as the next stop is a wonderful sounding composition named ‘nerves’. It brings in a nice micro rhythm, a piano melody that’s confident; together they do their best to subdue the feeling of being nervous.

‘If there is nothing, let there be nothing’ is a part of the lyrics spread in a pretty work named ‘in plain sight’. Here the presence of a nice micro rhythm is also presented as well as an emotional sounding melody and voice. It’s a shame that the tracks are so short, as it leaves me hanging in the hope to hear more from where this is all coming from. Luckily there are more recordings to be tickled by. Like ‘idiot savant’ who builds up an exciting buildup and then at the highest point of full on music drops everything to only showcase the exciting minimal beat programming skills.

From here the USB Orchestra seems to bring up the dirt as the music gets nicely distorted, filling up the love for rawer sucking sounding noise in combination of a big pair of beats. The sound might be coming from some neatly sabotaged synthesizer, but the general feeling is one that excites while it buzzes around like a rhythmic warrior of noise & groove. I’m pretty much enthusiastic about this tune & even happier to report to you that this time it nicely conceives a lengthy play-length.

Next up is ‘Holes’ which gives us more a mythical soundtrack of humble redemption. The guitar melodies might be simple as they pass along; they are also hypnotic and exciting. But when they quickly reach their peak of perfection they withdraw…

Luckily my disappointed feeling of a track that leaves me hanging at a cliff of awesomeness is quickly forgiven with the knowledge of the big smashing piece of greatness named ’embed’ being around. ‘Embed’ is one of these tracks that should make everyone excited about music again, melting pop in extremity of new nasty sounds that are nicely fitted for entertaining shock value. The human presence of words in combination of the electric weirdness is a combination reaching gold status; another highlight on this album for sure!

The release ends with another shorty, basically putting butter in the ears and patting our backs whole it friendly points towards the nearest exit.. With such sufficiency nobody needs to be afraid of getting lost in the music, and with that in mind I would gladly point out the entrance for your personal audio and music entertainment:

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