Sid Yiddish – Living The Life I Bring

a1399370101_16Artist: Sid Yiddish
title: Living The Life I Bring
keywords: #chicago #ghosts #candystore #henchmen #paperclipfuturism #rubberband #sidyiddish electronic Chicago
label: Chicago Shop

A man between men and the ladies, a chameleon who never changes its color or size, and yet manages to maneuver himself between all kinds of layers of society. From big time television appearances, students at universities, to urban centre points filled with punks, rockers, children, artists, poets, composers, weirdos and bartenders. Male and female, young and old & anything between these lines; everyone seems to love Sid.. Except perhaps the haters, and that one hacker who hacked into his account once and told everyone that Sid had died…

But (unless it’s an impostor) Sid seems to be very much alive, using his charisma, style, communication skills, voice and body language to charm anyone and everything that comes his way. Even his very own shadow is charmed by the presence of Sid Yiddish, which is a good thing in case of lonely nights… But in general Sid is life, and he brings clearly life to the middle point of the party.

Even though you can watch him in suburban landscapes, you know he is a product of the city. He loves the brewing energy and seems like a whale in the water, perfectly swimming comfortable among crowded places & interacting neatly with the astonishing characters in his environment. He seems to be a man of opportunities, never to afraid to jump a bus to nowhere, never to scared to collaborate with the mad, the sane, or the insane.

Along his many adventurous journeys he interviewed legends like poop rocker GG Allin and hit pop writer Walt Winston, recorded music with famous punk rockers in Denmark through the modern technology named ‘Skype’, conducts amazing pieces of experimental compositions with his noble band of Henchmen & throat sings like no other talented throat singer had done before. He models, he helps his friends, goes on many dating adventures and simply seems to live a happy life, jumping starvation and homelessness by just doing what he does best; Sid Yiddish doing Sid Yiddish.

And now (Big thanks to producer & engineer Myke Flaherty who was kind enough to let Sid come in and do his thing in his studio) there is this song, he sung about him bringing in his inner ‘Sid Yiddish’ and singing about what it means to live the Sid Yiddish life style. See it as a theme song, a life-tune that he could play before he storms a theater or drinking facilitation near you… See it as the tune you would like to hear when you are looking into the mirror and all you see is 100% Sid Yiddish staring back at you… If this is you, Sid…? Or you simply want to taste a bit of Sid, to connect or identify; this should be a very pleasing and entertaining tune!

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