Uni Brainwasher – Pop Spirituality

a3661300101_16Artist: Uni Brainwasher
title: Pop Spirituality
keywords: earth experimental dance digital dreamy future low-fi new age pop space spiritual strange unicult witch pop Seattle
website: http://www.unicoleunicron.com/
reviewer: Willem van O.

Did you hear Uni Brainwasher before? It’s a music project by Unicole Unicron and is unique to say the least. So if you are in search for something pure and special, you might be all ears and full of interest in this release named ‘Pop Spirituality’ as it probably might tickle your imagination in a clean brainwashing way. Let me tell you a bit about it from my perspective as a pre-listener:

Uni Brainwasher’s Pop Spirituality sounds like the music produced by everyone’s dream cult leader. A cheerful songstress and music maker who you might follow and idolize (read: worship!) as a pop star that you had never heard or seen before. You might not know what she is all about, what her philosophy is; but frankly you don’t need to think for yourself as Uni Brainwasher reprograms your mind as if it had been completely blank and worthless before. There is no need to worry, she will take away your fear and all doubts you might have & will take care of your feelings as she guides you through your new life as a apostle of Uni Brainwasher’s own cult.

How she does this you might ask? How she can brainwash you so nicely into a cult member of this all loving pop diva? She does this indeed with her music, her voice and with a fair amount of pop glitter. It’s hard to resist against this smart formula, as Uni Brainwasher seems to give everything for everyone in order for you to give up everything and join her as a follower eager for her mystery and mythical knowledge. She gives it all in her purest form, from spiritual songs in which she unlocks your heart and third eye, to the ones in which she arouses you with her voice in a higher pop formula.

I might want to warn you that this is serious business; the music here sounds certainly not made as a joke and has a very severe way to crawl under your skin and play around with your feelings. Uni Brainwasher simply intrigues and most intriguingly brainwashes her listeners in a jolly and honest sounding way. So let me repeat again as a warning; if you aren’t interested in joining a cult and let this beautiful pop diva, this higher being among us mortal souls take control of your lives; you better listen carefully as damn! Uni Brainwasher for sure is good at brainwashing! Where do I sign up? How can I join this cult? I’m going to find out, while you listen (at your own risk) to the album at the following link:

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