Angioletti Trio – Erotica Natalizia

artist: Angioletti Trio
title: Erotica natalizia
keywords: Experimental Jazz-Punk from Italy
label: Gufo Records

The sexiest trio in the entire world returns to the surface with a freely downloadable album named ‘Erotica natalizia’. A release probably too hot to be burned on CD or on vinyl (it might melt it all away) , but the heath doesn’t seem to be affecting mp3’s. The music is swinging; it got this jazzy funk vibe that is in the same boat as punk; sometimes picking up a nasty rough sounding guitar to get you on your toes. But it’s the jazzy drumming and the sexy saxophone that clearly rules the scene over here. Who can resist this horny sound, especially being played in such an erotic and emotional flow of sexy feelings?

Considering the album cover, you probably might think that this is a Christmas album, sexifying everything up for some heavy kissing and shagging under a mistletoe; but the music is more like a gift, either being given at Christmas, or at any other possible date… So why not today? As the music is pretty much a free offer you shouldn’t really refuse. Just hear ‘Tema dell’amore erotico’ and know that this trio together has the musical brain of a genius. Here there is no need for a sexy saxophone, as a cute and lovely bell-like melody is brought up for an intimate pleasurable moment. It proofs that Angioletti Trio is not just about the choise of sound (or dress), but more about how they actually play and arrange their instruments. Pretty exotic…

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