Namby-Pamby – sweaty shirts

a2865489789_16artist: Namby-Pamby
title: sweaty shirts
keywords: electronic, game, noise, psychedelic, trippy, Vernon

An odd classic among classics is this 2012 release by Namby-Pamby, it took everyone by surprise from the first minute. The first minute made it into another one, and before someone knew many other minutes had been spend on listening to this classic album. It’s a classic alright, I mean it impressed the market so much with music that was pretty much unheard off at that time of impact, that it basically tattooed itself in the precious memory of its original listeners in 2012. If that wasn’t you, and you are wanting to have this potentially tattooed in your memory; then please tune in!

Don’t worry, there will be no voices hanging around in the inside of your flesh; it’s an instrumental master piece! That first minute is part of the first tune, one that has a classical taste that will make you feel a bit like a young bare feet ballerina tip toe-ing on a cold kitchen floor!

Then the ink of memory worthy music really starts to tattoo itself with this rather bizarre piece named ‘an anteatery: supper for bugs ‘. It’s a bit like a gigantic alien bug flubbering it’s gigantic upper lip while trying to communicate something in an language nobody can really understand. Pretty much material for scientist to lend their ears for…

Then there is whpa, woe is we, which also showcases weird electric noises, but under the smooth making human trademark beats to make it a little bit more digestible. The nasty sounds are nicely flirting among the big low laying beat & do this so well that it seems to adapt into a sweet sound that might be produced by letting the air escape out of a previously full balloon.

vehicle door ajar’ comes up with the mystery of rhythmic mysteries. Everything is groovy, yet there is a certain experimental feel to it that will make you feel like you are somehow stuck in a glitch of the matrix. It has something very cool, something to wear a long coat and sunglasses for..

Then there is ‘turducken (part two)’ which is a nice reminder for everyone who enjoys the odd and the extra fun. It’s a bit like listening to a circus while intoxicated. It has something that reminds of trapeze walkers on a thin line in spandex costumes, hopping around while an audience watches with squeezed butt holes praying that nobody falls on top of the clowns who walk below in the piste.

More instrumental fun stuff can be heard in cross-eyed orgasm (wow, great title!), which is positively leaning on a danceable base kick with the ridiculous sound of a digitally produces duck as the main singer. I feel the duck being tattooed in my head again, as this is for sure an track we shouldn’t really forget about. And ducks are cute, especially when under the influence of acid…

This acid fest only seems to grow better and more ear-worthy when ‘strikes on drone strikes’ start to do its thing. It’s super cool, pretty wicked sounds, kindly going for a bombastic feeling that feels a bit like the growing up story of a little intelligent Dino, into a gigantic dinosaur. The scene is brought to you with an intelligent sounding rhythm and it wouldn’t sound out of place at an intellectual dance party.

‘maybe human, maybe not’ is the tune that doubts perhaps between being human or not. It is a perfect title as that is exactly how the music sounds like; something between human and something else. More determent in its sound expression is the ‘i b bangin’ which is a mysterious work that is much more in your face, like a well trained technic practiced by a boxer who jumps up and down in order to play tricks on his or her challenger. It got this pulse going of action with out actually going for that real punch or kick. It’s bloody interesting, really…

tough buttons’ comes across more aggressive, with nice fuzzy almost chip tune-ish sounds with added nastiness and slamming programmed steady drums. It’s a bit like pacman having a slight heartburn and don’t know how to cough up the uneatable parts of the fruits he just ate…

Then there is ‘underground wonderland’ which is as if you are wondering around in the theme park that is made out of underground music. It’s lots of exciting fun, exciting things happen, crazy music can be heard, felt and seen & there are no long queues of families and crying children. Anything and everything can happen in this wonderland, you might call it funderground..

Until next time… Is the tune that would suit the exit of a music villain. Someone who has perhaps a bad mind, but always fails to succeed in its evil plans. I’ll get you next time inspector Gadget!

The last track is as if it’s bonus material, it sounds as if the album had already finished and this is the music for the after the party in which everyone is saying goodbye and are heading towards the exit. It’s a bit soft, yet pretty psychedelic in its content.. So expect some left over druggies leaving behind within the realm of this fun tasting music.. Don’t worry about them and jump into this instrumental underground wonderland over at the following link:

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