poppy nogood – music for mourning

a0495966233_16Artist: poppy nogood
title: music for mourning
keywords: experimental ambient bedroom bedroom drone classical dark drone emotive instrumental laptop lo-fi modern classical mourning pop California

Do you remember the pretty successful albums done by Poppy nogood? If you had been sad that it took such a long time to hear from this talented artist again you’ll be over the moon with poppy nogood’s warm and kind’s return to the pretty side of the music business. Or perhaps leave ‘business’ out of it as poppy nogood doesn’t sound like a cold hearted business persons harking around for money; poppy nogood is the opposite; spreading the sounds of love and doing good.

With this return poppy nogood brings an emotional healing master piece of semi classical folksy allure, using traditional sounding instruments to dig into the feelings of morning. The music is tactful, graceful and gentle as if it respects every situation in which people can be find with tears behind their eyes, giving that extra sense of emotional beauty to let these Chrystal like water drops have another reason to roll down people’s cheeks.

Even if you aren’t at a mourning situation the music might come in helpful, easily swooning around your ears to reach a state of mind that is pretty enough to be seriously touched by it. It’s not touching like a sexual harassment, but more like a foggy vapor of pure emotion and beauty touching the skin like a hand after a lifelong treatment of soap; oh so soft and kind!

The music isn’t all sounding so polite and careful to fit a mourning situation, as the very pretty ‘for the end of time’ seems to give hope and positive energy to the listener. It’s a progress of extreme beauty, kind and clearly fully laced with musician skills in combination of intentions of pure love. It’s not only touching, but it’s also the music that seems to be able to help dealing with tearful situations.

When the beginning of ‘frame shatter’ does its thing, it’s as if poppy nogood had captured the progress of spirits going out of human shells up to the heavens above. Later on it feels as if some of them aren’t so much in a hurry and perhaps hang around for a bit, twirling around trees, buildings and inspecting who is mourning for them anyway. They even might come and spook some people as they laugh like horses of a ghostly kind, perhaps taking revenge or to make something wrong right again.. A pretty fascinating choice of work to be included on this album as it might be a bit of a scary thought for the mourning people to have a ghost on the loose.

The last track ‘it’s cloudy outside’ takes a nice step back, making. Way for the listener to lick their wounds & simply heal again. The music is slow and kind, delivering a blanket to be safe under… It’s a pretty return of poppy nogood in which the artist’s musicianship shines for the greater goods; an release that might bring joy and peace to all who need real music to deal with emotional situations. poppy nogood should drop the ‘no’ before the good, that’s how good it is. Hear the warm kindness over here:

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