RMF – ZEBRA MAN (video)

1artist: RMF
title: ZEBRA MAN
keywords: pop, furry pop, zebra, video

In case you don’t follow us like a parade of ants, you might not have heard of the massive hit by ‘RMF’ named ZEBRA MAN. A track coming from a very delightful release that was a surprising load of fun after fun! If you like ‘fun’, then you would probably enjoy that release… But if ‘fun’ isn’t your thing, you might skip it for something less funny.

Anyhow, the bit single of this release has also a video roaming around on the videos dominatrix called YouTube. I’m not sure it’s an official video, it might be a film making fan having a creative to at it.. But still I think it might be of your interest to see and hear it, as it might convince you to check out the rest of the album. I told you that it was ‘fun’, but it was musically also very good… And that song about Charles Manson going to church…. Oh, dear you’ve hit to hear it!

The video seems to be made by ‘fatal furry’ and might possible feature this fatal furry in person. I’m not sure what it is what we are being fed through the camera, is it a zebra man or a zebra woman or some kind of alien hybrid with a black balloon instead of a head; but it got a firm set of boobs and a fine ass & of course those distinctive zebra stripes! Next to this furry there is also another one, magically circulating around showing of the zebra physics as if it’s magic. There doesn’t seem to be a huge story over here visual wise, but who knows it might be the stuff that will arouse some of you furry loving creatures at home… The music is good and in combination with this whole furry aspect that the video gives it; quite liberating. Have fun furry zebra lovers!

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