ZiekeFons – ZiekeFons EP

a0693600794_16artist: ZiekeFons
title: ZiekeFons EP
keywords: 2015 akai samplers dutch ep hip hop hip-hop/rap hiphop instrumental instrumentals producer vinyl zf001 ziekefons Tilburg
reviewer: Willem van O.

Dutch glory ‘ZiekeFons’ brings an instant golden EP that blows new life in plunder phonics, big beats, vinyl scratching & general good vibes. It’s the functional music perfect suitable as a backdrop for relaxing and chilling out, but miraculously as well good material to spin at a party to dance on. It is music that is flexible, hanging in the neat middle, pleasing everyone from young hip hop lovers to golden oldie lost fans of afternoon tunes.

It’s released on a seven inch which seemingly makes the time frame of the record short, but also here ZiekeFons seems to fight against space and luxurious time as the record seems much longer then possible. ZiekeFons even managed to pop in an relaxed introduction and a silly outro, just to confirm that indeed this little fine moment of big beats, bass and fun is finished. But feel free to spin it again!

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