Momohaus – Love Sparkles

a1647236788_16Artist: Momohaus
title: Love Sparkles
keywords: punk ambient dance dark wave electronic experimental house instrumental jazz krautrock nashville noise soundscape trance Swansboro
label: Sweet Sounds Records

Yesterday there was this email of a certain Keith and Ira who almost got thrown in to the crowded trashbin because of our unpaid assistant thinking it was another one of these promotional spammers with rubbish music to promote. It had nothing to do with the content of the email, as that was polite, to the point and rather personal; but the subject and outer looks had something like those mass mailings of organizations that poor musicians pay money to in order for them to send blogs a load of shit in able to quote their pre-penned praises that already came within the email…

But I saved this email, fished it out of the trash can with my bare hands and when reading it I thought I made the right choice… Keith and Ira, thanks for bringing this release to our attention! Their mail was basically saying ‘whatever you do, please give it a listen as this might be the album that promotes itself!’ And that’s clever, as marketing a wise it’s all about the product, give people a little taster and then they will automatically want to have the whole lot..

Apparently I have been watching a marathon of the apprentice.. So forgive this systematic business tone. I’ll try to be as focused as Keith and Ira and say less (yeah, right!) , but promote more!

The label it is released on, also sounds appetizing; sweet sounds records. Their slogan is persuasive:

Sweet Sounds Records
-Fallin’ on deaf ears since 2012

Great! This got totally my interest, I’m not deaf and basically all ears! Are you with me? …. (I can’t hear you!)

Momohaus are Martin Harper and Billy-San Jackson and they are pretty proud to inform you that all the tunes on this album are made by humble analog lo-fi gear & no computers. I’ll quote:

“Toyko Plastic 80’s Fun”

Now down to the actual music… Yep. It’s hearable, alright. And it’s also pretty good! Not at all the boring supermarket honky pinky music normal spammers send, this is different.. In more clear terms it’s rhythmic based electronic music that even though it keeps on feeding a groove, it is all about the additional melodies and sounds. They sound very human, a bit alien at times but you know for sure that these aliens had hired a marketing team to find out what kind of music a rather large part of the human race would enjoy to hear; and it works! Momohause delivers lots of things to explore here, which makes it appealing to people who are easily bored and yet enjoy something repetitive, smooth and active at the same time.

The first track is one that seems a bit like a first date with the sound, introducing the listener to the kind of things you might not easily expect to pop up. I wouldn’t say a meet the parents track, but you’ll get introduced in a spontaneous way to some nice sounds and melodies on that dry rhythm that would be your boat for the evening.

The second track has that alien feel that i spoke about, it might go on a bit long, but at the same time it might be part of the plan as it’s the hypnotic kind of entertainment; which shouldn’t be short and leave you hanging while some hypnotist makes you think you are monkey.

Then ‘angelman’ has also a bit of a futuristic aspect to it. New wave, no wave, ocean wave, surfboard wave… The drum is a bit weak in my opinion, just dabbling along; but that all gets waved out by drooling compliments for the fabulous tune named Showers if Joy. This is perfect! And with that i mean; a fine showcase of gaining joy from pure perfectionism! I’m feeling this one so much, that it makes me feel like standing on a chair and dancing awkwardly with both hands in the air AND happily stomping feet! It got this joyful vibe and it seems to function a bit like some musical medicine. It also helps that the sounds of the beats are more bouncy and more daring, a bit more in your face; but it’s a really good choice! The melodies are presenting itself in a few sections, from lovingly positive one, to something that sounds quite frankly funnily and insane, to a more shimmering serious one. And when the craziness is being performed by an acid friendly thing i can’t be denying feeling again a new burst of joy! Yeah, I know nobody cares what I think or love (which is good!) but this tune is splendid!

Venus Blister’ is one that sounds like a very nice retro work of past-future. The lengthy sounds of synths remind me of the better works of Gary Numan, yet this is (even though it sounds robotic) much friendlier than the industrial kind of the story. This gets nicely confirmed when there is a really pleasantly fun melody presenting itself. It’s a short moment in the track, but long enough to gain a little smile on my stone frozen wannabe apprentice face. The smile returns when this part repeats itself at the final end; making it a successful end to quite a enjoyable piece of music.

But… It only gets better! You could expect a track named ‘green acid’ to be good, and quite frankly momohause delivers it very well. A big fat groovy beat, something that makes my neck muscles move in order to do some minimal dancing & my ears widening up to hear the mysterious part of the music grab the attention. Pretty ambient works that are dark and yet warm, floating around on top of this groove like mystery sauce on a fluorescent space cake.

A nice change of heart is ‘nomad’, which simply spins the music to the land of hot sand and little water. The music starts a bit like listening to an experimental recording of an electric razor, but perhaps it’s some kind of vehicle we could sit on in order to fly over this Arabian looking country of adventures and 1001 mysteries. The music would be perfect for a relaxed movie with nomads hunting for cactuses with hallucinatory powers for resell to us idiotic electric razor travelers; next time a flying carpet, okay?

Then there is ‘hot heap’ which is another one that got me in an exciting mood. It manages to bring some kind of open storyline of friendliness to a melody among something that could easily turn into an acid-based dance minimal dance floor party. It takes guts and brains to perform such a sensible and fragile sounding work with a pulsating beat that could well entertain a bunch of tripped out late night XTC heads after closing time.

‘Sillywet’ … Well this might sound silly, but this tune sounds indeed quite silly and uh wet. It also is sounding like a lot of happy fun. Freaky joyful material that feels a bit like a soundtrack for Mogli the bear wobbling around in a jungle. It’s adventurous, family friendly (could be enjoyed by the whole family) and well… I like it… But…

…’Dream Soul’ I like even much more! Here the silliness gets in touch with its more serious side and it’s a combination that should speak volumes! In fact; this might be the moment to turn the volume up in order to not let this one slip under your radar. There is this rhythmic percussive groove that is fun and empowering at the same time. It’s as if trashcans and bongos are brought in to be played next to someone’s head to press through someone’s delightful dreams.

Then ‘Cerbera’, that strangely seems to take the release back to the early stages of the album. It got probably to do with the beat and the sound of it, after the bombastic grooves it’s quite a contrast to return to a more train rider kind of groove. Yet it feels nice in sync with the minimal sounds that heavily rely on dropping here and there a fuzzy bass, and some higher unidentifiable artistic fluttering sounds. It isn’t the strongest tune on the album to be honest, but gives perfect time to run to the toilet for a quick break…

Make sure you’ll be back for ‘invisible’ as this is another take of Momohause doing its thing. Here it’s the music that has a relieving vibe over it; there seems to be something euphoric and celebrating about it. Dodgy choir synths are brought in for the grandiose effect, but it’s the beat and wicked baseline that are the obvious true winners over here! Nice!

Next is ‘Sunlife’ which goes for a swinging muffled sample based beat and warm sparkles of kindness spread on top of it. The rhythm might be at first something to lift your shoulders up for, but when actually listening to it from a programming perspective; this is pretty cool stuff! It moves, seems to skip or simply plays with the head and mind! It’s an extraordinaire experience, making me feel like being made into a tripping music loving lunatic & I can totally appreciate that.

A similar sounding approach is ‘Daiya’ , it gives that extra dreamy touch on top, it sound utterly mysterious and quite relaxing at the same time. The last track is Perchance which is a bit punchier, still going for a mysterious ambient effect, but it feels more murderous. I wouldn’t be surprised if this would make a great soundtrack for a movie of a Jack the Ripper having slightly a troublesome guilt on his or her mind. It’s pretty dark, but also sensible and pretty elegant in a beautiful bald way.

If there should be a conclusion to this review (walk through?) i would say that this is an very nice album to listen at work, at home, in the car, on the street, on your bicycle, alone, or with some open minded friends (and in special occasion with the entire family), it got this nice flow of rhythm going through it, yet it is atmospheric and ambient like; if you have ears and have the ability to use them, my advice is to check it out and hear it for yourself. Momohause’s album will be good music for at least an hour, so you’ll be in good hands… And trust me, it’s better to hear then reading all these letters, words and sentences above. Better make your escape and start enjoying these ‘love sprakles’ at the following link”

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