a1879678305_16artist: NISULA
title: FRECKLE
keywords: ambient, dance, electronic, experimental, funk, hip-hop, Paris

Raise the roof, Heath up your inner systems, get your ears ready for the instant party-tune sensation of the year! A track so cool if it would be a sleeper’s wake up call at six in the morning; the sleeper would rise up, awake and dance around wide awake and ready for all the shit of the day!

This tune is so fresh you won’t even really need a shower! Hell, you won’t even need to brush your teeth! But hell yeah, better do go to a toilet for your morning bakery session of brown bread and human beer. But these are all early morning scenarios.. Suggesting that this is only a ‘wake-up’ morning kind of work…

..which is ridiculous as the tune might easily drop any time of the day & if we all agree: when the tune drops we should stand up and do some weird ass dance.. Harlem Shake style but then without the lame ass prancing around.. After all, this is the tune to raise the roof for, so our cool edge egos can grow till enormous proportions like out of control giants.  Why dance like David Bowie on top of the roof if we could dance without a roof? Especially on this chopped up piece of sampler tonics like we just came fresh from the toilet. Such a refreshing relief!

Are you ready to shake that ass like the inside of a working washing machine? Are you ready for moving around and say goodbye to washing your hands? Do you enjoy a refreshing beverage? Do you like freckles? Do you enjoy stolen recycled goods? Do you know what I’m talking about? Me neither! But here is a pretty fresh tune:

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2 Responses to NISULA – FRECKLE

  1. linda says:

    Spikkel of the day 🙂

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