Shawn Wickens – New York City Living Room Stand-up Comedy


Shawn Wickens totally unare of floating inside a Sensory Deprivation tank

artist: Shawn Wickens
title: New York City Living Room Stand-up Comedy
keywords: comedy, improvisation, video, stand-up

Somewhere in a alternate reality floats the person known as Shawn Wickens in a sensory deprivation tank. His girlfriend had (under the disguise of a gift) provided him the one hour session, but after half an hour of nice and quite; decided to leave him there for at least a couple of weeks. Shawn Wickens (NYC-based comedian (mostly improv until recently) and co-founder of the Bad Film Fest and Bad Theater Fest.) doesn’t know this, he is living his life fully; doing comedy shows, sending out emails and cracking jokes; totally unaware he is basically just shrinking away in some kind of black out box with water in it.

But brainpower is magnificent, as Shawn Wickens’s mind even thought of you and me, making us (and even himself) up. Shawn Wickens, when you read this; wake up from that can, buddy! Your girlfriend left you there for at least a month, you are turning blue! Wake up, Shawn; release us from our misery to be a fragment of your imagination.

Did it work?

Nah, we are obviously still here… We might as well play along…

So yes, readers we aren’t real. And even ‘Yeah I Know It Sucks’ is just some hallucination generated by this fish tank with an unaware Shawn Wickens inside. I guess he imagined ‘Yeah I Know It Sucks’ because he thought it would be funny to send a video of his comedy performance to a ‘music’ review blog.

There is no music here, no poetry, or sound show.. or perhaps the magic mirror song at the final end of his comedy set could pass for something musical-wize? Real or unreal, it’s no joke to waste the time of musicians who all want some attention & then this comedian shows up taking a whole post away with improvisation comedy, instead of music… But hey, I’ll bet Shawn Wickens is laughing so hard in his sensory deprivation tank that he might actually wake up…

Oh shit… I feel it.. We are fading… Shawn is actually waking up! Hallelujah! I will never have to write a post on Yeah I Know It Sucks again! And you will be saved from reading this all! Thank you Shawn for wa… king… up….

Here is the video he had send in, watch it quickly before we vaporize with Shawn Wickens awakening:

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