Big Hare – Hasyayoga

a2909032336_16artist: Big Hare
title: Hasyayoga
keywords: alternative guru ecclectic electro electronic experimental handsfree orient The Netherlands
label: Blowpipe

Blowpipe Records has a terrific artists roster, big shots like Harry Merry, Rooie Waas and Sina Khani to name a few… But through a very ultra-polite snail-mail we received the invitation to pre-listen to an album named Hasyayoga by Big Hare. It’s will be out and about on CD from 27th of February, but feel free to pre-order it as a gift for your loved ones on valentine’s day. Not that it is a romantic album, but it certainly is a fun one. Here is a what you could expect:

‘Tahiti’ is a confirming tune that probably is inspired by a holiday on Tahiti. A place that sounds much more appealing in the song then a land of wooden shoes, and cold canals filled with bicycles. These holiday enjoyers are soon to be fully emerged in their vacation activities, from wearing skirts and flowers in the hair, to spending the day fishing. It’s basically the tune that will make you want to pack your bags to Haiti in the hope to find the band that produced this song, completely integrated in their new cultural habitat. Music wise it’s very inviting, really giving the feeling of a fun vacation, promoting Haiti perhaps a bit too well; tourists will never want to return home! Tahiti should be warned, as it’s going to be crowded!

Then there is this special sounding song named ‘Yellow Eyes’. It has a classic David Bowie feel, making an merit to harmonious vocals & exotic mysticism within the actual music. It all get nicely carried away by a trembling lo-fi friendly beat that comes across as the sound of someone with high heeled feet slightly falling and yet never falls… But despite this and the exotic backdrop music, it’s definitely the style of singing that makes the song.

As ‘yellow eyes’ had a classic Bowie feel, ‘black tape’ gets its funky coat on! It got the uplifting fun guitar riffs, the swinging rhythm and is openly more ready for the future by combining outsider sounds in a full-on happy assault that will make any packed party! The vocals take a great presence, even claiming the music to stop while they wow the happy listeners away. It’s a perfect case of happy places breaks in a mad sound world that pushes the borders of music, instruments, what’s right and what’s wrong; and is a full escapade of happy experimentalism in a funky format! I got to borrow the slogan of Ronald McDonald as ‘I’m lovin’ it’.

At this part of the record your reviewer has personally lost its cynical approach… Not because I wasn’t careful not to fall into the trap, but the music here is simply overruling with fun and pleasure. The track that pushed me over the edge, ready to sign up for a possible fan club is ‘Fun Face’. A work that you got to hear and feel, it’s so good that I don’t even know where to start…

First of all the length; it’s perfect! An enormous rhythmic peace that gets into your ass like a hot pepper, and itchy powder; making you want to move and never want to stop. It’s perfect material to hear when you are in the mood for a dance party, tripping your head off on this delicious groove, repetitive vocals (that sound more like ‘Fuck Face’ than fun face.. which is even more helpful to bring in more fun!)… It’s the tune you want to hear this band play live for, especially while you hold that Stamp drenched in LSD under your tongue; fun, fun, fun!

An Amazon’ is a more camel-rider kind of tune, it got this rhythm and music style that makes you feel like sitting on the top of this animals back between two massive bumps. It’s a steady right, full of great lyrics featuring things like ‘I lost my nose in the business and my mind in a bullfight’ and ‘I’m your horse now’. It’s for sure some quality song writing at work over here & its execution is quite an hobbling journey.

The next one is ‘Scissor Dance’ which keeps a psychedelic flavor to it; now the camel might be dancing in the background and the music dances in front, like partying nomads in a desert. It has a free spirit roaming around in it, something hippy crowds would love to clap their hands with while parading around a campfire.

Treehouse’ brings the flying synthesizer sound that Gary Numan seems to be married to. Luckily Big Hare has enough creativity and talent to make it useful in a different style and content; giving a friendly spin of rhythm, bass and an togetherness brought by the positive singing.

The last track is ‘Follow the lines’ which brings a beat that seems to consist of a hard working hammering of an iron smith. The male vocals have something at times that reminds of a less intoxicated version of Jim Morrison. It’s different feel, music wise; going for a more industrial coolness that gets more and more bombastic along the way, delivering neat acid lines to follow into melodic hand-picked happiness. It’s a surprising organic end of this in general humoristic debut with fun written all over it. I believe you can order this release over here:

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