Modelbau – Four Squared Wheel

a3756478528_16artist: Modelbau
title: Four Squared Wheel
keywords: ambient experimental drones field recordings minimal minimalism Amsterdam
label: Moving Furniture Records

Four Squared Wheel by Modelbau comes in gradually, bringing a single tone in an establishing need to be heard. It gets louder, gaining more voluminous harmony along the way; getting bigger and euphoric in a way that reminds of a hypnotist hypnotizes a crowd.

Mesmerized and absorbed by sound seems to be the ultimate goal, excluding all unneeded outside sounds to showcase only the essence of singular sound presentation. It might sound technical, but could easily compared as visiting a session with an alternative medium that rinses the head from problems by replacing all thoughts and feels with an intense tonal projection. It’s like massage for the ears, soothing out the whole body and mind without the risk of gaining unwanted troubling side-effects. The only side effects could possibly be the ones that aren’t of a negative order; perhaps slight visuals, a psychoactive touch with your inner psychedelic side..

But from just a pure listening standing point, it’s just a very calming and relaxing experience. Modelbau manages to mold the sound in such ways that it simply keeps on moving, never making you feel like you might have possibly heard it all before. It’s an harmonic event, something that captivates and perhaps even manages to take some listener’s breath away.

It comes in four organic sounding phases, exposing slightly different tonal sounds that follow a similar conceptual style and way of exposing themselves. It’s a smooth session, clearly making sure that all that could disturb is banned from the recording session. See Modelbau’s Four Squared Wheel as a alternative way to find inner peace by exploring sound & you might find that serene place named ‘heaven’.

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