Bloom – My Funny Valentine

artist: Bloom
tile: My Funny Valentine
keywords: harmonium, live, valentine, love, video, classic, jazz

In case you didn’t notice, yesterday it was Valentine’s day. We know how much it hurts to celebrate this day when you are alone, or have a broken heart of some kind; so we decided to poor that little knife of human suffering a little bit further, by informing that it wasn’t just yesterday; valentine’s day is each and every day of the year!

The flower stalls and postal card shops don’t have enough money to promote every day of the year, and that’s why on an official meeting ages ago, they decided to just promote the 14th of February. It isn’t a conspiracy; it’s a hard fact engraved in stone, possibly a diamond, possibly worn on an intimate spot by mister Cupid himself. (That last part isn’t a hard fact, yet a diamond cock ring worn by Cupid is a fun thing to think about)

Good news is that if you have a valentine’s lover for each and every day of the year; you’ll be able to cuddle, sweet-talk, make love, hug, hold hands, eat food, rub each other in with ice cream and other things valentines people do. It will be costly to keep on sending flowers, post cards and surprise marriage proposals all year round, but if you have the cash and vibe; why the hell not?

But if not, why not go for cheaper solutions, like listening to romantic music free of charge, or (even better) sit on each others lap and watch a true musician play a romantic song for you, or the two of you. (Or you and all the lovers you have)

Thanks to the modern age & the help of a wonderful artist, this can be done at any day, and at any moment in time that you feel like it.

Bloom is your solution!

Whenever you are ready and in the mood, you visit the embedded video, and she will carefully play a lovely Valentine classic in her unique voice, style and sound. It’s an instant romantic mood that will play out on video, as she uses her magical tender fingers to slide over the keys of music & sings the song as if it’s for your valuable ears only.

Whenever you feel like it, alone or indeed with someone (or a bunch of people) you intimately love; Bloom’s my funny valentine performance will be ready to play for you. Free of charge and 100% romantic atmosphere guaranteed!

Thanks to the modern times you are even able to play it on mobile phones, making the Valentine’s song performance available to hear and see wherever, and at all times. Just think about the possibilities…

* You and lover in a bubble bath full of foam, having bloom performing in your hand while you hold your phone-device above the bubbles.


Bloom’s My Funny Valentine turns every ‘scene’ into a  romantic one

* Together in a romantic roller coaster ride with Bloom’s funny Valentine playing while you go for an adrenaline rush infusing looping.


listen and watch Bloom’s My Funny Valentine wherever you are; turning every situation in one of love

* Or perhaps more relaxed outside in the park at a picnic, or..


instant Valentine vibes for every location and sitiuation

There are so many possibilities and ways of enjoying Bloom’s Valentine’s Day song, with such a wonderful performance at the click of your finger tips; everyday is indeed Valentine’s day!

for more Bloom, visit her on soundcloud:
or tune into the Bloomtube:

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