Various Artists – Midnight Radio Valentines Day Edition 2016

a0521086782_16artists: various
title: Midnight Radio Valentines Day Edition 2016
keywords: alternative experimental ambient dark ambient experimental electronic industrial Germany

Valentine’s day, a day made famous by B.J. Snowden and Cupid.
On this day in 2016 artists from all over the globe, all walks and talks of life came together to make love with your ears!
And why is that? Because Love is simply the best, better than all the rest! (Tina Turner’s wisdom never disappoints)

Thanks to the wonderful work of the people behind Midnight radio, all these loving music makers found a home on a massive compilation,
bringing these lovely sounds and music pieces to your ears alone or also to ears attached to loved ones. How romantic these songs are, how soothing and sensual these tunes are; it will make this day into one never to forget.

First of all Sean Derrick Cooper Marquard’s LOVE WINS who bites of this lovingly theme in a marching form, sending in the valentine’s warriors with hearts as weapons, and love as their conquering goals. When all is set ‘Escaped Trees’ takes over with a romantic moment in which the perfect moment is made to ask for someone’s hand, shove a ring on a finger and go for a honest marriage proposal. With music like this, who can refuse?


^ the artwork for Escaped Trees

Maybe you need something more uptempo, something melodic with enough eighties in it to get in that electrifying electronic mood? Crash Dump File might be coming handy with its super sexy and dance-able work ‘The Mystery Of Love’.
Or what about Soundscape of urban metaphysics’ who takes on the intriguing music covering the popular discussion point of ‘Age difference’. Well do I got news for you, no matter how old or how young the lovers are; everyone should be able to enjoy these tunes of love. From Adeptus Mechanicus’s wrestling another Jupiter Tango, with my Valentine, to AnAstomo’s Night Walk without ‘L’. What a great track that is; talking the lovely listeners out for a mysterious walk along romantic sights in an synthesizer friendly world.


^ the artwork for Adeptus Mechanicus’s contribution

But even the more shimmery sides of love can be found on this compilation. Like ‘true love’ by SRVTR, which sounds like looking to each other in the lime light, absorbing the silhouettes that leads to hanky panky at a later time in space. We shouldn’t be too quick, as true love is all about romance, and Paradiso Love by Mean Flow knows exactly how to give that shape in the form of music. A wonderful ambient work that is romantic & well worth a warm cuddle.
Also the goth father of lovely ambient music ‘Cousin Silas’ is present on this collection of Valentine numbers, giving a wonderful production to the listeners, perfect to listen unarmed under the blankets. You will be able to sit on top if you want, as I’m sure you can keep each-other warm *that is if you indeed hear this valentine’s release with someone you fancy*… But if you are all alone, and really need someone to snuggle up with; there is also the option to hire a hooker. I’m sure a professional ‘The Whore’s kiss’ would come in handy, especially when it’s Rik Johnson functioning as the pimp.


^ artwork for The Whore’s Kiss


1414E08’s Valentine 99 is one beautiful romantic piano galore, something that will take the atmosphere into other wordly worlds that are filled and thrilled with candle light and red roses. It’s a state of mind that can handle the slight darkness brought by Scott Lawlor with his Cupid Languishing in the dark, betrayed by an empty heart. It’s Scott doing what he does best; making drone music; so just let yourself go, hold hands, and enjoy the darkness until it lasts.
From there The Dead Society takes over, bringing a Gothic sounding piece of romantic material to lick your vampire teeth off for. Heavy piano drainage that is surreal and absolutely wonderful. Who wants to bite my neck and suck all the blood out of me?
More upbeat and light weight is Cod-E’s once a year. I feel it’s the music for young couples, young lovers, newly weds, and sportive close friends with benefits. wonderful melodies and drum programming to cheer everyone up with an enthusiastic dance…


^ Cod-E’s track artwork

Eisenlager & Wolfgang Gsell’s Schallwelle gives enough time to relax for cuddles and warm happiness. It goes perfect into Violet by Theothersideofwho? It’s a wonderful song, with pretty vocals and lovely piano playing. It’s then time for an utterly romantic high light brought to you by Metzger’s Only With You, Our Eyes Speak an Undying Impossible Intense Love. It’s an intensive ambient drone work that is intimate and sexy. Something that triggers a bit of a rough time by Dosis Letalis ‘s Midnight Remembrance. A little bit less harsh but still in the kinky side of music is Reflex Condition’s Lily [vocal mix]; think leather, nylon and black mascara and you’ll get a glimpse of the picture.


^ Reflex Condition’s Lily (vocal mix) track artwork

Then there is John Oparyk’s Endorphins making an audio adrenaline rush that can be recognized as electrifying butterflies of love freaking out in your stomach. It’s an energizing moment that can only be calmed by listening to Eagle’s My love for you is forever. A calm work of eclectic chilled out percussion, new wave choir sounds and a refined sexy classiness.


so sweet! it’s Eagle’s My Love for you is forever’s track artwork

Suzana’s Bauten goes in with a sublime work so full of love and relaxedness that you can hear that the musician’s heart is in there. It’s a wonderful moment of pretty music that is very believable and kind. Christian Fiesel’s Three Hears On Valentine’s Day goes for a more holy sound, bringing us down to a church with a choir for a religious feel: something medieval and yet modern… It perfectly passes into a softly piano composition done by Playman54. It’s a delight for anyone’s ears; especially the ears of lovers.


^ how romantic! its the arwork for the track done by Playman54

Zumaia’s Nymp also gets the choir like singing out, but it sounds more celtic with a drum that seems to be the thrilling center piece. Scott Lawlor’s sexual stimulation of a cybornetic entity goes for a more futuristic setting, delivering spacious synth sounds in a transhuman world in which love between human and machines is as accepted as it is normal. More dreamy and calm in a nice flow is Red Clouds’s winter sorrow. It’s a fairly soft recording (so make sure the volume is up) but when you hear it, it will deliver a romantic tinsel town setting of warmth and love.


^ Red Cloud’s Winter sorrow

Für Elise by Max Scordamaglia also keeps the love and prettiness within his production, kindly providing melody of an pretty movie-esque kind.
A pure beauty can also be heard by the always intriguing music maker Noisesurfer. With ‘Delta’ the producer brings a psychedelic friendly track with beats, sweet noises and a psychedelic love groove to fall in love with. Handy for when you are listening to this compilation alone!


^ a bit of color on the romantic track art by Noisesurfer

BySenses – Why Hurry @ Midnight takes the music a step down, creating the finest back drop for intimate foreplay sessions. A little stroke and a sweet touch here and there; and perhaps an uber-romantic hug. It is needed as Ninja McTits’s Mother & Father Of Midnight Radio might possible scare you (and your love bird) a little. Ninja Mc Tits delivers a track that seems to bite, lick and chew on nipples.. Nina Mc Tits sticks its tongue in your ears and twists it all around.


Ninja Mc Tits

Then there is someone named Toxic Chicken, (never heard of it before) who comes up with ‘A Lovely Threesome’ which is featuring Ech(0)’s voice saying lots of three’s. This makes way for the very last (and that means final) track on the midnight radio Valentine’s Day compilation. A lovely piece of happy and sweet melodic goodness by gefaehrte titled ‘ode to you’. It couldn’t have ended better! Love conquers all and will always win; is what this music is telling me.


the track arwork for an artist named Toxic Chicken

The compilation is superbly listenable, and yes its romantic, sexy at times, but in general fore-play worthy and filled with music made out of love. It’s something you are able to enjoy together, with a group, or just by yourself; after all you got to love yourself before you are able to love someone else, right? See this as your belated Valentine’s gift, giving by all these musicians, admiring your presents and playing their love sounds into your very own ears!

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