Ben R Brown – Encampments

artist: Ben R Brown
title: Encampments
keywords: electronic experimental electronic experimental techno techno Tilburg
label: New York Haunted
reviewer: Willem van O.

Ben R Brown starts with ‘2 boxes’, which sounds like latex kicks bouncing tightly in the middle of the speakers, while warm synthesizer material is flowing out and about. The rhythmic layers of sound and deep electric bass are like kidnappers deliberately dragging listeners to the depths of an illustrious dark dance floor.

There they are being ass kicked into the higher ‘Heights’. A fierce kicking of fun percussive rhythm, along with an main stomper that keeps it all nice and tight. The repetitive melody makes me feel like walking around like an Charlie Chaplin impersonator who had a few XTC pills for breakfast. Just imagine the shoes wobbling around on this beat, the classic hat being lifted from the head in a spontaneous dance move. Teeth are grinding, jaws chewed up; and everything g is beautiful!

Black Paths brings a little tempo into the till now very gracious techno production. Nothing is spared as Ben R Brown twists the knobs of the repetitive synthetic acid infusion, and a highlighting high-hat gets brought in like a madly tight conductor in front of a orchestra of sap centrifuges…

KD3 goes for a bit of a twisted groovy feel, making it a perfect undertaking for people who are slightly out of it. You know the ones who had a little bit too much to drink, or a little bit too much chemicals rushing around. They would walk in a tilted way, never in a straight line; however with this music as their guideline; they might actually think they are actually walking straight with a firm back, making totally sense of the situation. And for sober people tuning in to KD3 it’s the opposite; you walk straight and sober, but feel in your head spaced out and unable to walk straight; strong stuff indeed!

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