Chase of Bass – Pizza Party of Doom

a3563173369_16artist: Chase of Bass
title: Pizza Party of Doom
keywords: experimental chiptune complextro dubstep electronic fakebit filthy grimey headnod insane Illinois
reviewer: Simon Hit

This Pizza Party of Doom seems to start when the pizza eating had been over, went down into the stomach to be turned into a sauce called hot and spicy pepperoni diarrhea. It sounds as nasty on paper as the real thing, however in the content of squirting it all out in the shape of music; it is actually quite a fun thing to hear. The squirts of spicy pizza liquid are happily spread around, squeezed through a behind like controlled whistles that are comical from a distance. To make it more substantial it comes with a beat to give the liquid bass a nice shape and form.

Then there is ‘octo’ which is a more controlled piece of menacing music that seems to be made by trumpeting through a tight flexible asshole. It’s not a surprise to register it as one of the pretty bad ass tunes on this doomed pizza party release.

With a title like ‘Puff’ I would think of the almost unhearable sound of a silent fart, but luckily for the music lovers; this is not the case over here. The music is listenable and the fart-like sounds are clearly recognizable. It’s nice how it’s brought out and about, nicely controlled, a bit wet, but not too much.

I feel a bit like a douchebag talking about farts and diarrhea sounds to describe this music, luckily the track ‘douchebag’ gives me enough reason to write something else. Here the sound that present itself between the steady beat is much more nasty, something that gets to you like an well made industrial knife that slightly pinches your throat. It’s what people say; it sounds as how it is described on the tin; great doucebag material, absolutely menacing and penetrating.

Also ‘Chunk’ keeps away from the farts, as it’s just too nasty! Here the music gets the speakers wobbling, the subwoofer cracking and the head pounding. It’s perhaps close to what yesterday’s hipsters would call dubstep, yet it feels much more mad and insane. Which is frankly speaking, pretty much something that isn’t easy to do, so chapeau for that!

Also ‘Clambake’ deserves another additional ‘chapeau’ of appreciation. It seems the further we dive into this album, the more serious it becomes. Not that it is material for suit and tie, office cloths and work cubicles; it’s still fun, but it just sounds better… No more farts, but more grown up growls of sane insanity.

Then there is ‘Topical Cream’ which is probably the closest to the music genre named ‘clown-step’. It is here that the video director inside of me came up With the idea to film a video clip of a clown who wears a gigantic colorful piece of pants, that (s)he had fully loaded with creamy brown slush. It’s would suit the music perfectly, just imagine the clown walking around uncomfortable and leaving with every step a trace of liquid shit behind.

Oh my! This must be the most terrible review on yeah i know it sucks. It seems to be all about poop and farts… (Don’t blame me; blame the sound of music!)

‘Brownie’ brings back the feeling of shit sounds flipping through electric rectums for a good and fat amount of brownish smear fest. It’s nasty, as if walls are covered in feces, strong bass being shat out like an wicked party anthem for aliens who love a planet made out of scat. I know this sounds dirty, but in sound it is equally as dirty!

That’s right! Dirtiness and electric farts is a great deal within this pizza party of doom. The last track is no difference although it does make me think of this story of someone’s dad swallowing his own teeth and then searching his own poop by poking it with a fork inside a toilet bowl. It’s a dirty story, but also one that you won’t forget easily. It probably got something to do with one of the rhythmic sounds used in this tune, clearly shaping the image of a fork while the electronic farts obtain credit for the rest of this memorable memory.

With this, this terrible review had come to an end. I sincerely apologize if you are offended by music being described as farts, poop & diarrhea but as YIKIS is the only reviewers blog that speaks the truth; there is also some kind of honor in writing these things. Anyway, if this album seems to be appealing to you, please don’t feel ashamed by tuning in at the following link:

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