Dreamin’ Wild – Dreamin’ Wild 7″

a3695193951_16artist: Dreamin’ Wild
title: Dreamin’ Wild 7″
format: 7″ vinyl / digital
keywords: world balearic beach beautiful bossa nova cool jazz pop record tape Australia
label: Moontown Records

Sitting next to my cat, her tail wrapped around my neck and my arm around her hairy neck. She brought her old turntable, and a fancy record. I put the needle on with the help of my little toe, and the seven inch started to turn around in circles. My cat moves her head on to the groove of music, her tail wiggling kindly as she purrs along.

My cat might have a particular taste in music, but this is something we can easily listen together. It’s so nice that I’ll even have urges to purr along to the purrs of my cat. It’s the music that does this, as it’s setting a cozy vibe with a humble sound of feel good within a no-nonsense approach.

It comes across as being made by a band who have seen it all in this life, cannot be bothered to be stressed or worried about a thing. Just enjoys the view of the sun and the moon and takes everything easy, and their gift to you is this relaxing release that in all it’s kindness; will make you feeling a bit the same.

The music is good, friendly and without any signs of stress or nerves in sight. The singing man whistles when he has no words or intentions to sing & you know what; it’s all good. With this relaxed and cozy state that this twirling vinyl is delivering, you just feel like not being bothered by anything else except relaxing. Chilling out is an art form that is fully explored over here…

I certainly do understand why my cat loves this release so much, it perfectly suits her daily mood of being lazy, cleaning herself by licking at a speed that is equal to all the time in the world. Everything is good, the world turns around without us and my cat doesn’t seem to care about any world problems, just as a record that just spins around whatever happens around it.

The singing voice is pleasant and so is the music, really expressing that the music has similar character trades as my beloved cat. Nothing matters, just live in the moment, chill out and enjoy whatever you have and don’t have; life goes on…

I’ll leave my review like this and take the day of to cuddle up with my beloved cat, maybe stretch our back, do some licking and waiting for a lucky passerby to deliver a fresh piece of tuna or something. As long as this 7″ spins around, it’s all good…


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