Panic Girl – Breeze EP

artist: Panic Girl
title: Breeze EP
keywords: electronic electronica experimental marc mozart mista min panic girl trip hop breeze jomox korg magick Germany
artist website:

Webzine Feninatronics is informing its followers of lots of talented female artists out there in the experimental and electronica music environments. One of these celebratory posts triggered me to check out the music of Panic Girl & I’m (as a music lover) utterly grateful for having this brought to the attention..

Panic Girl brings a pretty laid-back atmosphere in a free downloadable track named ‘Breeze’. This atmosphere doesn’t come in like a cloud brought to you by a summers breeze, but more by the artist forcibly marching it in with a massive stepper of a beat. Once the pretty dreamy atmosphere of voice and melodic artifacts has arrived in all it’s bright and glory; the beats retrieve for us all to enjoy the prettiness, without the bombastic distractions. What a lovely gesture and what a beautiful result.

Then the real magic happens; a wonderful track that takes dreams to the reality dimension. Panic Girl’s music and voice are of a soothing out of this world elegance, trippy and lovable for all who enjoys a sparkling mellowness perfectly spiced up with a fantastic beat. Panic Girl simply seems to have cross bordered reality and dreamland & we are all invited to lend our ears and join her. It is recommended that you do…

Panic Girl lovingly prepared a very pretty interlude. It’s a moment of calmness, a place in which her clear voice shines together with Chrystal clear backing ambient.

This is the perfect setting to open up the wonderland that is a pretty track named #75. It is here that bell-like friendliness is making its way like a moment in which fairy-tales actually turn up to be true. This kind melodic happening is perfectly teamed up with an stimulating rolling drum. This is nothing to be panic about as it’s all making sense and sounding as lovely as it could possibly be.

Then there is another wonder of a track named sidelines, it has a very approachable kindness to it, making listeners float and sound lovers wonder how Panic Girl created this atmosphere of melodic kindness. The balance in what you hear is so right, nothing is in each others way & yet the track comes across very full and technically impressive. There are snippets of guitar, the sweet melodic sounds, panic girls voice and a pleasant dreamy beat that parades you straight to some kind of wonderland.

You’ll understand with such exposure of pure loveable and nicely produced music on Panic Girl’s Breeze EP that you might need a moment to sit down and absorb all what you have heard. A moment of relaxation without letting the actual music go out of your ear-sight… Panic Girl seems to have understood that as her last music piece ‘exhale’ is giving listeners such a moment. It’s keeping its beauty while also giving you time to breath and think about it all; what a perfect and lovely end of this release. Something you probably want to hear and explore for yourself at the following lovable link.

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    Great when collaboration works to the benefit of getting eclectic music to a wider audience.
    Thanks Yeah I Know it Sucks for the link and review.

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