Chefkirk / Somnaphon – Tender Pink Movements

artists: Chefkirk / Somnaphon
title: Tender Pink Movements
keywords: experimental collage cut up dark ambient digital digital distortions electroacoustic electronic music experimental electronic glitch pure data synth Milwaukee
label: Bicephalic Records
reviewer: Willem van O.

This little release is a split between Somnaphon and Chefkirk. For the ease of it all I begin with the side done by Somnaphon. This begins with a lo-fi set of keyboard tones, introducing a piece titled ‘spermpuncher’. If it is indeed an artist interpretation of pushing cum it really becomes quite visual. For some reason these lo-fi keyboard tones seem to come with wet tingling sounds that drip out of the substantial audio. I can’t possible describe what I’m seeing when this slow music plays, but it’s a bit like a gigantic glowing dirt worm crawling slowly around in a previously dug tunnel, the skin of it is wet, possibly whetted by the slime that it generally pushes out of its mouth. It’s visually enough to wish for you that your vision while listening to this piece of music will be less visually disturbing.

Another mysterious sounding piece if music is ‘rectangle’. I can’t tell a whole lot about it as it passes by without leaving a huge impression on the visual receptors. It’s one of the more pretty easy going ones, being nice and kind and bending its head politely to continue its way; hardly being noticed.

‘Play’ is of a different kind, sounding full of little tiny winy sounds that are of a playful kind. First they come across innocent, like little baby maggots on their first day in the world. But when the music moves along they become more top notch, growing up in fine distortion as if they want to make sure everyone knows that they are out there crawling around in search for fun. It doesn’t go on for ages, as they return to decently behaved worm like creatures in the end, leaving me guessing what this was all about & how the other side of this split would sound like.

The only way to know this and ease this curiosity is by indeed listening to the other side. According to artist Chefkirk it’s a winning cake that we hear in the recording. It for sure is a robust sounding one. Projecting specific audio and noise elements into the ears like a chef cook showcasing only it’s hardest to get ingredients. It’s a case of sound and no sound, bringing in pieces of silence of non specific lengths in between sounds of non specific origin and shape. It feels a bit like cooking in a strict but rigorous way.
The high tones served somewhere in the middle, are like boiling dog flutes that are whistling for their mums. It’s a bit painful for the sensitive ears perhaps, but no one said that baking a cake shouldn’t contain the sounds that could damage the hearing capabilities. Luckily that your reviewer heard the other side of the split first, eh? But even though damage might be done, there is enough sounds left to be picked up, something like a sizzle in a frying pan and more abstract noises to potentially please the experimental sound freaks.

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