La Feeling – Fête de fête

a1482416290_16artist: La Feeling
title: Fête de fête
keywords: experimental kids trap bamboule cooly exotica fiesta fête magie mainstream noise rap surf underground Tours
reviewer: laura fête

Everything and everyone is talking about la fête. From Rick Ashley to the trollol men, everyone is in la fête. They might not be on this la fête, but for sure are in the same team as la fête. However here are the Beatles introducing la fête, but also Beyoncé leans her presence to inform la fête. But the man you have all been looking for, Lionel Richie is seriously the headliner of la fête. It’s really an release highlighting la fête. In fact when listening you might get infected with la fête. Not being able to end any sentence without la fête. Don’t know if it hell or heaven but for sure it’s la fête. Click the link to hear la fête:

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