The Gnouvment – 85°

a1199752378_16artist: The Gnouvment
title: 85°
keywords: world comedy dirty fart fart porn fonz gnouv grok porn San Diego
reviewer: Simon Hit

Lately we might had a few too much fart jokes in our midst. A while back we also covered quite some happy harsh noise walls. Today somehow these two elements came back in combination, just in a completely different way… Could this be a coincidence, or is it just luck? Whatever it is, somehow I feel kind of proud to share this track with you, dearest and delicate listeners.

It’s a fart. No jokes, or references to music in a fart way; it is really a fart. However through smart sound production and manipulation, this fart is being looped in the height of its farting sound. The result is a sound of stable fart action, something that feels related to harsh noise wall minus that there is no distortion, it isn’t harsh and probably isn’t a wall either. Too colorful, way to arty farty, the HNW community would say.

Is there perhaps another genre out there, along the likes of clowstep, but something more stable and repetitive? Does by any change Fart Noise Wall exist? Is this perhaps the baby steps in a new direction? Whatever really, as to come across a real repetitive fart that wants to be described as just that ‘a fart’, it’s quite a refreshing thing to hear for a bit. If you had to chose to look at Tom Cruise his new face, or listen to this; I’m sure the FNW would be a popular option. But if you combined these two actions together; it would probably turn into a hilarious spectacle for ears and eyes!

Perhaps google  Tom Cruise his new face, put it on your screen before clicking the link to find the perfect soundtrack to it. It might be a lot of work for you as a relaxed home listener, in search for some music; but when so much effort is made to bring you a fart, a write up for a looped fart and even suggesting how to enjoy it with full potential: it’s the least you could do.

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