Hanging onto Lucia Lip

1.jpgartist: Lucia Lip
keywords: alternative electronic lucia lip berlin electro electronic pop electronica electronica experimental female independent indietronic lucialip pop underground Berlin
words by: Cliff Richard Lip Hanger

For the last couple of days I’ve been hanging at the lips of electro pop extravaganza Lucia Lip. Not like a microscopic cliff hanger holding on to the edge of her significant facial feature, but hanging on closely to the music output of Lucia Lip. I’ve been watching videos, hearing online available albums & I just couldn’t let go how delicious the output of Lucia Lip is. It’s a positive addiction, an obsession that doesn’t feel like a bad thing at all. Lucia Lip’s output is simply perfect, why should we listen to anybody else?

That’s why I begin this text by informing you that I’m hanging onto this lip, if you decide to come over here for a cliff hanger session too; please hold on tight as accidents are easy happenings, especially when you can’t hang still on these delicious Lucia Lip tunes.

So why did this slight obsession happen? What is it that kept me coming back to the creative output of Lucia Lip? Probably the spontaneous vibe that Lucia Lip so neatly seems to capture and present in her beat orientated songs and performances. It comes across so spontaneous and raw that you feel like even though her tracks are a recording, it is if all is done live and on the spot. No idea if this is indeed what happened with her producing these tracks, but if not; she did a hell of a great job to keep the music as fresh, flexible, rough, and fun as possible. It’s very inviting, trashy and punky! Even mannequins love Lucia Lip!

She sings like an enthusiastic underground superstar who had surfaced from the eighties, with the open minded energy from the nineties & the punk buzz from the late now-ties. When I think Lucia Lip; I think tunes, energy, wild days, being in a trance, and enough confidence to set any dance floor on fire.


^ Your Motor’ album by Lucia Lip.. possibly the best alternative electro beat pop album out there.. (click the pic to hear!)

I also think that Lucia Lip great deal of power comes from her attitude; she simply doesn’t seem a need to stick to the rules, is clearly enjoying herself by being herself & musically and performance-wise it thoroughly entertains: She might be a underground electro pop star extravaganza, she also keeps it very real! She delivers pixels, bombastic heavy beating tunes of pure emotion that you can feel in your heart and toes. Sometimes even making you feel like you’ve just drank a bottle of liquid acid…

Of course her rebellious singing voice is there, twisting it into rebellious shapes and forms as easy as she molds it into something powerful and pretty honest. Its an spectacle for the ears really, as with Lucia Lips you just never seem to know what she is going for, it’s always has the effect of a fresh surprise. The music goes for similar effects, free as a bird with wonky beats pumping the tunes up like carefree master pieces.

^ we’re all beaten’ taken from Lucia Lip’s ‘Your Motor’ release.

Lucia Lip simply knows how to let everything work together, in order to create a very special quality brand of spontaneously good tunes. Trust me, if I’ll make some space; feel free to join me hanging at this artist’s lip. It’s the best front row around, and for sure is lots of fun too! Let the creativity of Lucia Lip move you in good directions, as if she is your motor..

If hanging virtually makes you hungry for getting more upfront and close; Lucia Lip will be performing as special VIP at the upcoming fiftieth edition of world famous ‘Gifgrond Party‘ in Tilburg, The Netherlands. It’s an event and opportunity you really shouldn’t miss out on. So unless you are indeed hanging at an actual cliff and won’t be able to make it; it’s recommended to come. Lucia Lip is clearly an live artist, performing in her self made clothes, sweat and tears & with every show she really puts herself into it! It’s a phenomenon you simply cannot miss out on! Besides if you come to her gig, you might be able to score a copy of her rare and very limited ‘Chanel bleu’ single.

Feel free to join the Lucia Lip obsession, hear the tunes, support the artist,  feel the music and pass along the word. Don’t be afraid to reach out and hang onto the sound and show of the one and only Lucia Lip!

Lucia Lip on  bandcamp: https://lucialip.bandcamp.com/
Lucia Lip on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/LuciaLip
Lucia Lip on Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/lucidario

Lucia Lip on Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/LuciaLip
Lucia Lip on Lucia Lip: http://www.lucialip.com/
Lucia Lip on wordpress: http://lucialip.wordpress.com/

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