Congo River Club House – Free Jazz EP

artist: Congo River Club House
title: Free Jazz EP
keywords: experimental house dance deep house improvised music jazz junglegymrecords outsider techno Seattle

Drifting away on classy electronic beats, nicely decorated by smooth dreamy dopamine in a house music format. Everything is done to carry listeners away in a soothing trance of pretty music. It helps a magnificent deal that these tracks have that lo-fi analogue feel; making it all much more warm, scrubby and kind. You got to be immune for sound in order not to feel attracted to these beat orientated laid back forms of pleasure.

Where most techno of deep house works go for a stomping in your face, this fabulously friendly release focuses much more on the dreamy melodies. They are the most important forms captured here, creating pretty twinkling dreamy soundtracks that will ultimately take anyone away to a place of wonder and refined fineness.

This is an release for all who like to drift away on a fine balance of kind electronic music with obviously a great human touch and feel to it. There is nothing to complain about, as the trippy slow moods take any complaint away and replace the gap with little perks of melodic wonder. It feels all very alive, played and recorded on the moment; resulting in a perfect collection of tracks that will make everything in a state of cool and being at ease.

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